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Dublin Irish Singer 4

This Dublin Irish Singer is also a songwriter and a published poet. Whereas his inspiration is rooted in The Irish Tradition and Culture, his musical influences are many are varied, believing that the present and tradition in music add to each other.

His songs draw on contemporary Folk, Alt Country style and Pop Folk Rock, all reaching back to traditional folk music, which is always embedded in his music. This Dublin Irish Singer has been playing his music for over twenty years, sometimes solo, in a duo or with a full band.

Dublin Irish Singer tour

After a short stint playing around folk Clubs in Dublin, he became a rambling Irishman moving around Europe, playing mainly Irish traditional music and contemporary folk. In the eighties, together with a friend, he set up a music club in Holland, booking many International top acts including , Martin Carty UK, Paul Brady, Ireland, and country singer/songwriter Derroll Adams, from Portland USA.

Dublin Irish Singer invitation

Unable to stay put for long this Dublin Irish Singer accepted an offer to share a tour with the late banjo player Derroll Adams. Gigging with Derroll brought him in contact with the great country culture of America. In 2001 he was invited to read his poetry at the Oscar Wilde School Co. Dublin. Resulting in his poetry being published in an anthology of Irish poets.

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