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Detroit Irish Band 1

This Detroit Irish Band is one of North America's most exciting Irish quartets. "Making the kind of music you'd only hear on the west coast of Ireland", this band has an intense dedication to their instruments and to Irish music. As a family based group, they are capable of playing with a tightness and effortlessness that often evades other ensembles.

Detroit Irish Band performance

Their performances have been described as "a swirl of musical tradition and performance energy". This Detroit Irish Band has performed at many of North America's top music festivals and venues including the Kennedy Center, the Goderich Celtic Festival, BlissFest, Celtic Fest Mississippi and Ann Arbor's prestigious Ark.

Detroit Irish Band style

This powerful Detroit Irish Band plays invigorating Irish, Scottish and Celtic-American folk music. Traditional and contemporary songs are punctuated with wonderfully inventive arrangements of jigs, reels and hornpipes, hotly fueled by fiddle and whistles and buttoned accordion and concertina.

The two singers unique vocal blend bring an irresistible approach to the songs placed against rich musical arrangements that include Appalachian dulcimer, bodhran and guitar as well as the more traditional fiddle, whistles and box. This Detroit Irish Band performs in concert, festivals, select music pubs and can also be hired for private events.

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Country United States
City Detroit
State/Province Michigan

5 responses to “Detroit Irish Band 1”

  1. Kristina Hughes says:

    “[This band] brings the liveliness of Celtic reels to a new generation.“ – Kristina Hughes – Petosky News

  2. Joalynn Brown says:

    “If you enjoy Celtic and American folk music, then you won’t want to miss this performance, showcasing the groups devotion to traditional Irish music and culture.” – Joalynn Brown – Detroit News

  3. Matt Watroba says:

    “[This performer] is simply one of the finest and most versatile musicians in the state. To watch the band is pure delight. It’s a swirl of musical tradition and performance energy that I highly recommend.” – Matt Watroba NPR Sing Out Radio Host

  4. Don Penzien says:

    [This band] unequivocally ranks in topmost echelon of American bands performing Irish traditional music today. With expert musicianship from every quarter, the band’s imaginative interpretations of tunes and songs are wholly true to the Irish traditions from which they draw their material and inspiration. Their performances are most engaging, and they are an absolute delight on and off the stage.” – Don Penzien, Festival Director, CelticFest Mississippi

  5. Detroit News says:

    Michigan’s premier trad band.” – Detroit News 2011

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