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About Denver Irish Band 1

This Denver Irish Band has developed a distinctive, inventive, and contemporary musical style while still keeping in firm touch with the heart and essence of traditional Irish music. Their concerts are renowned for their energy, for singer/frontman's irrepressible sense of humor and sly wit, and, of course, for the music; music that expresses flights of joy, deep sorrows, and an unquenchable zest for life.

The band formed in 1984 in Boulder Colorado, USA, and their reputation has grown steadily over the years with the release of seven CDs. The band's most recent CD received a Parent's Choice Award for its artful interweaving or music and storytelling. The Emmy-award winning PBS special filmed at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts has aired nationwide.

This Denver Irish Band was named ensemble-in-residence at The Colorado College for the 2006-2007 academic year, the first non-classical musical group to be awarded this position.

Denver Irish Band projects

This band has also been part of many collaborative projects -- they were featured on John McEuen's soundtrack for the television mini-series "The Wild West", as well as on the Western Heritage Award winning album of the same name and The Nashville Network Television special "The Music of the Wild West". Recently, the group has provided music for an audio project "Secrets of the World -- The Good People"; featuring Irish master storyteller and folklorist Eddie Lenihan.

Other recent projects include the development of Lusanna; a work, written by the group's bassist, with text and lyrics in Irish and English by the vocalist. Earlier collaborations with orchestra featured The Red Kite, a three movement concerto, as well as symphonic arrangements of some of the group's original compositions.

Denver Irish Band message

This Denver Irish Band's appeal crosses lines of age, gender and ethnic background. For awhile the musical focus is on the beautiful wealth of traditional Irish music -- all acoustic instrumentation, traditional as well as original tunes and songs, with some of the songs in one of the musician's native Irish language -- the group's true message is the story of the resilient and joyous human spirit.

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Country United States
City Denver
State/Province Colorado

4 responses to “Denver Irish Band 1”

  1. Press says:

    “… From toe-tapping dance tunes to plaintive ballads to humorous ditties, the band offered a full range of Celtic music that lifted the spirits and happily heated up an already warm night. From dirge-like minor keys to lilting and cheerful melodic lines, the music expressed the whole gamut of emotions both instrumentally and vocally.”
    Redlands Herald

  2. Press says:

    “… They are each excellent musicians as individuals, and as a band, they are spectacular. Their arrangements are subtle, tasteful, and thoughtful. Their performances convey both the vitality and the depth of feeling inherent in Irish music. Having the opportunity to work closely with musicians of this caliber is an extraordinary experience …”
    The Celtic Connection

  3. Press says:

    ….the playing is as sprightly as it is deeply felt, with poignant vocals that are as mighty as a spring storm.
    Michael Roberts – Westword

  4. Press says:

    “…They are traditional entertainers, displaying emotional stories, heroic and sorrowful, backed by a precise blend of instruments that charecterizes the best of irish music. Band leader…sings in Gaelic and English, and wins the most diffident crowds with his charm and tall tales. Band members play every instrument associated with Irish music, plus a few ancient oddities…”
    Metro Santa Cruz

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