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Austin Irish Singer 1

This Austin Irish Singer has been a performer at heart since childhood where she would perform shows for family. In high school and college, she was no stranger to the stage performing in choirs, variety shows, musical theater, and opera.

She graduated Sam Houston State University in 1997 with many musical awards in hand. It was after college that she first discovered Celtic festivals. She was in heaven. The music seemed to be familiar in a way that it could not possibly be. It was a complete career (animal nurse and pet sitter) and a divorce later before she found and began to explore the Irish language. In February 2006, Abby she began learning the Irish language with the Gaelic League of Austin and has since been in contact with long distance teachers via modern technology.

Austin Irish Singer CD

Today this Austin Irish Singer is a full time traveling musician. Since the release of her first solo Irish CD, in 2008, she has become a growing voice on the Irish music scene. Backed by energetic rhythms, she shares her rich soaring voice in Irish Gaelic and in English. As a native Texan, her love of Irish songs and tunes has been a true journey of discovery. She enjoys unlocking the treasures of beautiful music often hidden behind the veil of a language strange to our English speaking eyes and ears. She performs solo frequently, but enjoys the company of pipers, fiddlers, etc. She also continues to perform with an ensemble which she has been lead and harmonizing vocalist, percussionist on frame drums and tabor, and energetic, audience interacting storyteller since March 2004. This Austin Irish Singer has also enjoyed singing with Texas Early Music Project from time to time since January 2006.

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Country United States
City Austin
State/Province Texas
Performer Type Musical Act

3 responses to “Austin Irish Singer 1”

  1. Chuck says:

    “Texas native…sounds as Irish as if she were from the Emerald Isle. Her CD… displays her considerable vocal range and talent and is a pleasurable time on the player.
    ~~Chuck Bloom, Southwest Celtic Music Association, Céilí

  2. Tracey says:

    “[This artist album] is, quite simply, gorgeous. Her voice is polished without ever sounding slick or generic, and the obvious pleasure she takes in her music is almost as great as the pleasure of listening to it. This is her first solo CD, and may it be the first of many.
    ~~Tracey Stewart, CD Review, Celtic MP3s Music Magazine

  3. Charles says:

    It’s a good mix of sounds and languages. The songs are love ballads and [this artist’s] voice carries them in just the right, romantic way, wistful and passionate and longing by turns. This is true of her English ballads as well, notably in the song….which she describes in her liner notes as a “silly song” sung in the voice of a naïve girl, full of the melodrama of the ardent young.
    ~~Charles Rammelkamp, CD Review, Renaissance Magazine

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