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St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator

This St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator is the number one Michael Jackson tribute artist in the world! If you are looking to be truly amazed you need to look no further.

He brings every ounce of his attention and energy to his performance which amazes audiences of all ages!!! This St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator has performed in many venues and under many circumstances over the last 19 years. His father was a club owner who booked the legendary Ike Turner. His mother was a vocalist in one of the hottest bands in town called the Cecil Davis Revue. She did gigs with Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and James Brown.

St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator influences

Growing up, this artist had music all around him. Love for music became part of his life and he learned to appreciate various musicians. Years later this St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator still appreciates having the opportunities to team up with some of the best in town to thrill those who seek great entertainment.

He is the number one Michael Jackson impersonator in the business of MJ tributes, does justice to the The Gloved One around the world with his performances. Truly amazing in every sense of the word this performer is unmatched in his ability to become Michael Jackson. Mastered impressionist vocals, uncanny resemblance and dance moves just like that of the King of Pop! This outstanding St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator has performed his act with Legends in Concert recently in Hawaii and at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator show

He has been the headliner in the Las Vegas’ theatrical production, “American Superstars.” The show holds the record for being the “Longest Running show with a Michael Jackson Tribute.” People from all over the world heard about this 100% live singing entertainer, and came to the number one tourist spot to see for themselves, why Las Vegas chose to feature the impersonator on one of their main highway billboards.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s one or two shows a night, I always make it my ambition to bring every ounce of my attention to the stage and to the people”. Adults and children applauded the team effort as they all came together for the last number, “Heal the World”. In his own words as stated, “It’s like Avatar and Jake Sully with me and “ The King”, “ His purpose is to try to link up with him with super closeness, like a brother, and give people another chance to RELIVE THE THRILLER.” Then the fans experience what I like to call the, ‘Alternative Reality"

He was also selected as the closing act as Michael Jackson at the annual SunRider International Conference in Long Beach, California. He has worked as a Michael Jackson impersonator for Legends in Concert based in Las Vegas Nevada.
After 30 years on the Strip, the celebrity tribute show “Legends in Concert” is a legend in its own right.

“Legends” has evolved over the years from featuring strictly late Las Vegas icons such as Elvis Presley to living pop superstars such as Lady Gaga and Rod Stewart. Today, the show has venues across the country, and its performers are in constant rotation; many have come and gone, but plenty has stuck around for the thrill of the tribute. This St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator feels as blessed as ever to be working with the number one Tribute show.

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  1. Emma Trotter says:

    “He moonwalks smoother than silk across the stage, popping signature Jackson moves in songs like “Billie Jean,” his sequined glove sparkling in the limelight.” By Emma Trotter, Las Vegas Magazine

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