Los Angeles Michael Jackson Impersonator 1

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Los Angeles Michael Jackson Impersonator 1

In addition to his worldwide fame as one of the top Los Angeles Michael Jackson Impersonator for the past decade, this exotically handsome actor/writer/producer has been touted as being one of "The new breed of leading men".

His mixed race and African/American/Hispanic look have allowed him to comfortably and convincingly play a variety of roles regardless of their racial makeup. This compelling "look" and charisma has landed him the romantic lead in such films as "The Perfect model", "Sweet Perfection" and "Proximity", but it was his nasty turn as the sexy but sinister pimp "Sparky" in Canada's C.B.C movie of the week "Runaway" that was rewarded with the A.C.T.R.A Award for Best Dramatic Performance in a movie made for television.

This Los Angeles Michael Jackson Impersonator has been the guest star in over 35 television shows in both the U.S and Canada including "Clueless", "Highlander", "Trapper John M.D", "Law & Order" and "R.X" as well as a recurring role on the late night comedy hit "Jimmy Kimmel Show". This versatile actor has also been the lead in more than 25 theatrical productions in locales ranging from Broadway to Hong Kong.

This Los Angeles Michael Jackson Impersonator has been voted One of the"10 Sexiest Men in Canada [2000].

Los Angeles Michael Jackson Impersonator concerts

"Michael Jackson Experience" - 2009 - Hong Kong....Wolfman Jack Productions
“Reflections of Michael, the Man in the Mirror” – 2009 – Indio, CA …Classique Productions
“Michael Live” - 2005 - Germany, Miami, Australia …Wolfman Jack Productions
“Legends” – 2001 – China – Classique Productions
“Michael Live” – Stardust Hotel Tokyo – 2001
“Magic of Michael” – 2000 – Germany …Jody Baron
“Legendary Superstars” – 2000 Thailand …Jody Baron
“Magic of Hollywood” – 1997-1998 Japan, China, Hong Kong … Jody Baron
“Splash” – 1998 – Japan …Jeff Kutasi
“Evening at LaCage” – 1992 – Las Vegas, Japan, Los Angeles …Gunther Weswaldi
“Chippendales World Tour” 1988 to 1990 – Italy, France, Germany, Japan …Michael Dean

Los Angeles Michael Jackson Impersonator credits

Jimmy Kimmel Live – 18 episodes 2002-2007 (Michael Jackson & Prince) …ABC
Jay Leno Tonight Show – 2006 (Michael Jackson) NBC
Miss Canada Pageant – 2000 – (Michael Jackson) CBC
Fast Sofa – (Michael Jackson) …Sony Pictures
Harper’s Bazar – 2009 – (Michael Jackson Lookalike)
Smiffy Costumes – 2009 – (Official Michael Jackson) 80’s look- Worldwide License

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5 responses to “Los Angeles Michael Jackson Impersonator 1”

  1. Cissy says:

    We hired [this artist] and his dancers for my 23rd birthday party and I wasn’t prepared for how incredible a show they put on! it was like having a concert in my living room! Great moves, singing and costumes ..They give more for the money than any of the other tribute groups I’ve seen..plus [he] is really cute and my friend wants to hire him as Prince for her birthday. A great hire! – Cissy B.

  2. Nadine says:

    I saw [this artist] show in honk kong when I was there for business. The show was awesome. He did a wonderful job. It was a pleasure watching him impersonating MJ with so much professionalism. I can see his tremendous work and hours of rehearsal. His background dancers where amazing and the show was flawless. I looooooooved itttt ; ) – Nadine M.

  3. Client says:

    What an amazing night!I surprised my wife on her 40th birthday with her favorite entertainer Michael Jackson, not quite knowing what we were going to get. Boy, did we get our moneys worth! [This artist] and his 4 beautiful dancers gave us a show we will never forget. They performed non stop for 30 mins with multiple costume changes in between the dance numbers. [This artist] was superb! He enveloped the entire Michael Jackson personna. He had all the dance moves and even talked like him! Surprisingly, he even sang live! He and the girls were also gracious enough to stay for an extra hour taking pictures with the guests, even though they were contracted for only one hour. My wife was very happy and I never dreamed I could get such a great show for such a reasonable price. – Birthday Party in Chicago

  4. Barbara says:

    … I was so impressed by the Michael Jackson in the show that i had to look him up on the met. First of all, the entire show was great!!! Maddonna and Elvis were very good,even though Madonna was a little difficult to hear, but Michael Jackson stole the Show! Not only did [this artist] look like M.J he sang and danced and even smiled like him and the dancers were hot! Everyone at my table LOVED him and we screamed encore..but they brought Elvis back instead LOL! Nevertheless, we saw four shows that night and this one was the best! – Barbara Luna Esq.

  5. Rick says:

    We hired [this artist] for my wife’s 40th Birthday party and he gave two outstanding performances.He began as “Prince” [he looked just like him] and did 3 songs dancing and singing live, he was EXCELLENT! After a 15 minute break he came back as Michael Jackson! I tell you, as good as his ‘Prince” performance was his “Michael Jackson” was even BETTER!! This is an extremely talented young man and I highly recommend him! – Rick.L

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