Las Vegas Marilyn Monroe Impersonator 2

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Las Vegas Marilyn Monroe Impersonator 2

This Las Vegas Marilyn Monroe Impersonator loves her job! She was a huge Marilyn Monroe fan growing up, and booked her first professional performance as Marilyn when she was attending college to attain a theatre degree. Once attained, she moved to Las Vegas, and has had the good fortune of being cast in shows and performance venues ever since. She has always had a special fondness for playing Marilyn Monroe, and has honed her ability to play the sexy screen siren.

Las Vegas Marilyn Monroe Impersonator style

This impersonator has 5 recreations of Marilyn's famous dresses, and can sing up to 11 of Marilyn's songs, along with a few others in her style. She is fun and flirty as Marilyn, and makes a welcome addition to any stage performance. She also loves singing, "Happy Birthday!" and makes birthday appearances with all the unforgettable charm that Marilyn did. This Las Vegas Marilyn Monroe Impersonator also makes a wonderful photo opportunity at parties or conventions while delightfully mingling with your guests.

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Country United States
City Las Vegas
State/Province Nevada
Performer Type Musical Act

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