Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator 1

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Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator 1

This Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator was originally from Gary, Indiana like Michael Jackson. Also like Michael is one of the younger members of a large family "I don't think about it a lot but there are actually 6 boys and 3 girls like the Jackson family and even my Dad's name is Joe".

He began his musical journey at 12 years old playing percussion for a performing arts school. However by the end of high school when he won his second talent show (the first performing as Michael Jackson and the second as Jackie Wilson) it became clear what his passion was. Today the songs that this Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator performs are based on the type of event and the total length of each show, "The order that songs are performed in is just as important as the choreography of the actual performance".

Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator show

As an example the shorter show of 45 minutes and under will always feature songs that the actual artist featured when touring or in other words 'what people knew them for'. Here is a look in on an interview discussing this Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator favorite Michael's songs. Q. "What are your favorite MJ songs?" A. "Billie Jean. That was the song that introduced the world to Michael on an iconic level. The total arrangement of it and it's creativity reminds me of James Brown coming up with Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, which was during a time that just about all music counts were on two and four-- James Brown was so unique in that song because the counts are on one and three. Billie Jean the grindy baseline, the whole sound and spirit is so unlike anything else before it. For example, look at the pattern of rhyme in the 1st stanza before the chorus and how it differs from the pattern of rhyme in the second stanza after the chorus... it's just something that I can only describe as raw innovation, pure creativity and one of my favorites. You can always play Billie Jean almost anywhere and people will feel like dancing. I also like Remember the time, Bad, Butterflies, Off the Wall and the list goes on."

Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator programs

This Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator's well crafted programs can either A. Fuse him as Jackie Wilson, James Brown, and Michael Jackson in one show, or B. Showcase him solely as "The King of Pop". For over 10 years his talent and ability to embody the "3 Legends" he pays tributes to has not only thrilled audiences all over but has led to friendship with two of Jackie Wilson's children, allowed him to meet Michael Jackson's father, and James Brown himself. Nevertheless as an Artist in his own right with each new show comes a new performance and one to leave the audience completely fulfilled. This Chicago Michael Jackson Impersonator is available to hire as entertainment for Weddings, Annual Parties, Corporate Events, and more.

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