Chicago Elton John Impersonator 1

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Chicago Elton John Impersonator 1

This Chicago Elton John Impersonator is a classically trained pianist/keyboardist and Jazz veteran (yet with the heart of a rock & roller!). Hhe has performed in countless musical situations over the years. After backing up literally hundreds of tribute artists over the years, it was finally time to stand up and be counted. And performing an act in tribute to Sir Elton John... that was a no-brainer for him. It is music that has the perfect blend of energy, great vocals, and pianistic fireworks for him to REALLY dig into!

Chicago Elton John Impersonator degree

This Chicago Elton John Impersonator grew up loving many kinds of music - rock & roll (progressive rock in particular), classical, jazz - and started playing with intensity at about age 13. Determined to follow through his musical dream, he studied and received a bachelor's degree in classical piano performance from Hartt School of Music. After college and a few years performing, he spent 3 years in the Fourth United States Army Band at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois, key to developing his jazz chops.

Chicago Elton John Impersonator schedule

This Chicago Elton John Impersonator maintains an incredibly busy schedule with numerous musical projects going at any one time. He currently fronts (in the Donald Fagen role) a formidable Steely Dan tribute. As a lover of progressive rock, he also performs (surrounded by stacks of keyboards!) in a tribute to the music of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Keeping busy with original music, this Chicago Elton John Impersonator is currently at work on a CD of original piano music, comprising piano pieces of an eclectic quality that is bluesy, jazzy and progressive-rock in nature. You can hear one of his latest pieces on YouTube.

But for all these projects, rest assured this project is a prime focus for this Chicago Elton John Impersonator. New projects are always in the works. Whether it's a full band performance of the "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" album in it's entirety, a series of solo concerts each featuring a different classic Elton album in its entirety, a recreation of the unique duo concert of Elton and percussionist Ray Cooper, something is ALWAYS cooking!

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Country United States
City Chicago
State/Province Illinois
Performer Type Musical Act

6 responses to “Chicago Elton John Impersonator 1”

  1. Rick says:

    “You are the absolute best piano player and talented entertainer that I have ever seen. It is like hearing Elton John exactly.” – Rick

  2. Chad says:

    “[The band] was phenomenal! What a performance. Brian and his band were a pleasure to work with and so talented. Thank you for sending them our way. Will definitely have them back” – Chad Mullens – Owner, Silver Buckle Saloon and ‘The Room’, Highland, Indiana

  3. Flora says:

    “Your showmanship brings such energy to your music and of course being so talented just makes everyone in your groups play their very best.“ – Flora Doody, Director, Twilight Jazz Concert Series, Anderson Arts Center, Kenosha, WI

  4. Leslie says:

    “Everyone and I mean everyone was overjoyed with the quality of the performance and the fabulous time we had. The owner was thrilled as well. You exceeded our expectations.” – Leslie McDonnell, Client and Owner of The Leslie McDonnell Team, Real Estate

  5. Karen says:

    “I want to thank ALL of you for your GREAT ACT in Sheboygan Wisconsin on 5/14/16. I have been to many of these shows put on by the Police Benevolent Association and I must say, you all were the BEST act I have seen yet!! Awesome piano playing, loved the saxophone, I use to play one myself… I loved EVERYTHING about your show and I had an AMAZING time watching all of you perform!!!! Thank you so much, well, done!!” – Karen, a fan

  6. Debbie says:

    “What a great way to celebrate our 12th anniversary watching an incredible…show in Wausau, Wisconsin last night at the Grand Theater! WOW!! I thought the bolts in my seat were going to come loose…. we were rocking out so hard to the greatest music ever!” – Debbie, a fan

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