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Trinidad Hip Hop Singer 2

At 6 years old, this Trinidad Hip Hop Singer moved to Gasparillo where he encountered an environment that taught him many valuable lessons, most importantly, thinking everything through. “In my neighborhood, a bad decision could result in no food on the table, going to jail or worst”. As a result, this artist spent lots of his childhood days thinking of ways to make a better life for his family without getting caught up in anything that may cause embarrassment and/or grief to those he loved. At 18 years old, this Trinidad Hip Hop Singer decided that music was the vector out of his socially depressed neighborhood and that his time was better spent developing and strengthening his artistic talents. Inspired by the likes of Tu-Pac, he quickly discovered his own poetic ability and began to record demos at his bedroom studio. He had definitely found his calling.

This Trinidad Hip Hop Singer is preparing to release his first Mixtape and is also in the process of producing his debut album. In 2010, he created quite a buzz with one of his singles. This single was a huge success and was in heavy rotation on many local radio stations.

Trinidad Hip Hop Singer performance

This Trinidad Hip Hop Singer is no stranger to the stage. In an age of studio artist that are unable to duplicate the energy and confidence required to keep a crowd moving, he is somehow able to shine from one stage show to the next. With performances at On Top Fridays, D’ Cave Night Club, Space Night Club, Drink Wine Bar and many others under his belt, he is constantly earning glowing reviews.

“I love to be on stage performing for the fans! I feed off of their energy. When I see the people dancing or even shedding a tear because of my lyrics, I know that I have connected. It’s a blessing but it’s a huge responsibility. I see the power of the microphone with my own eyes so I always make an extra effort to create positive music.

Trinidad Hip Hop Singer goal

“My goal is to inspire people to think”. This Trinidad Hip Hop Singer believes that anyone can make a difference and that hurdles are to be jumped over. With his past and the knowledge that he has amassed throughout his life, he hopes to show the youth that reality is what you make it. He hopes to one day create a Non Profit organization to help disenchanted youth with decision making and emotional intelligence issues. “I hope that my career allows me the resources to fulfill this dream. As Jacob Miller used to say – each one teach one”. Until then, this Trinidad Hip Hop Singer continues to work tirelessly to improve in the recording studio and at rehearsals. “I see myself at the top of the major billboard charts within one year. I must therefore make all the right decisions now to realize that goal”. Understanding the consequences of poor decisions combined with his desire to improve, he gives us no reason to doubt that he will fulfill his mission.

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