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Born November 17th, 1988 in Bedford -Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York during the era of Biggie Smalls and Jay Z when they were in the prime of their careers everyone wanted to be " That ", but not this New York Hip Hop Artist. Watching the moves they made helped build his hunger and drove his ambition to another level of him wanting to be a king of his city.

His mother being a blues singer and his older brother being a rapper, this New York Hip Hop Artist's eyes and ears were always exposed to the music industry. Taking a liking to his mother performing with live bands at her rehearsals and shows he became a true fan of showmanship and music production. After sitting back and watching, the young star decided he wanted in and did just that ! He wrote his first rhyme in the first grade, in Ms.James' class to be exact.

New York Hip Hop Artist

Taking the sport seriously, in his teen years this New York Hip Hop Artist entered the battle rap scene, starting off on street corners getting his buzz up and taking on any challengers. He then jumped into MTV's Fight Klub with a record of 10 and 1. After a while the young M.C decided he had enough of battle rapping and wanted to focus on song writing.

During the Myspace era, when it was really popular, he released a hit record. The song was called " My Dunks " in which he took the beat from the group " The Pac " and decided to make his own version to their song " My Car. " The song took off online and when the buzz started to pick up he dropped another hit song over MySpace called " Lying to Her Hubby. " In which he remade his own version to Beyonce's hit record " I'm a Diva. " This song picked up online as well and that's when the shows started to begin. This New York Hip Hop Artist started opening up shows for artists such as Fabolous, Trey Songs, Rick Ross, Wakka Flocka, Tyga, and many other artists that are not as main stream.

With his two older cousins, Marcus and June doing Road Management for artists such as 50 cent, Lil Scrappy, and Fabolous it only served as a plus for this young star's eyes. Often the two would take this New York Hip Hop Artist on the road to open up for certain shows and to learn the business aspects of what was going on behind the scenes. He quickly picked up on what he needed to know as far as contracts, showtime performances, promoters, venues, Ryder's etc. and applied it to him " rocking " the crowds in 5,000 plus arenas and night clubs like it was nothing. Fair to say that he was handed the ball and didn't ever plan on fumbling it.

Although this New York Hip Hop Artist may have had some success in his 25 years on this earth, it doesn't mean he hasn't had his downs as well. Losing his mother at the age of 19, one month before his birthday to cancer took the biggest toll on life he could ever imagine. Feeling lost in his thoughts he took his feelings to the booth and dropped one of his most heart felt songs to date called " Pain. " On this song he talks about his mother's death, friends in jail, losing his cousin to jail due to another family member taking a crime stoppers reward for giving information leading to her arrest and his sister abandoning his niece. This New York Hip Hop Artist is an artist that does a great job with painting pictures in his songs and isn't afraid to give you his life and soul in his music.

New York Hip Hop Artist tapes

Since his first mix tape " U Gone Know My Name " to his second mix tape " Show Time " in which he did a viral concert with, to finally his third mix tape " 1 ManArmy " he shows nothing but lyrical growth. I must say on his third mix tape he decided to step outside the box and do a whole mix tape with no DJ's, no teams hosting, and no features. This mix tape turned out to be a success and he proved to himself and to people that he has what it takes to make a successful project and this New York Hip Hop Artist also displayed that he can run with the majors as well.

Now he's gearing up for his fourth mix tape called " In A Class of My Own. " With New York not really having its own sound anymore and everyone following the Chicago drill music sound, this New York Hip Hop Artist wants to prove why he is in a class of his own. He's looking forward to getting very personal and exposing certain details about his life that people may not know, to relationships, to family issues, to friend-fall outs, and more.

The goal with this project is to show people that it's cool to be yourself and build your own character, since it seems that's something that has been lacking in his city and in music in general.

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