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Pozzie Mazerati

Who is Pozzie Mazerati? She is a combination of artistic, visual, and cultural expression, made in the 80’s; raised in the 90’s; currently in the making.

Pozzie Mazerati made one of her first stage appearances at the BET Awards After Party in 2008 alongside artist Tash (of the Alkaholiks), and her former camp ‘Black Brown’. Just recently she has embarked on a 5 City Tour, including New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Lancaster, CA and her hometown Philadelphia.

Pozzie Mazerati tour

Pozzie Mazerati will also be doing an international tour, which kicks off in 2012. A non-profit organization formed by her and her partner, this tour is more than a TOUR. It’s a lifestyle. Through positive music and selflessness its purpose is to partner with specific charities in an attempt to help build up poverty stricken countries and areas one at a time.

This is the first hip hop tour of its kind. They will be contributing 100% of the proceeds made from this tour to poverty stricken areas. Destinations of this tour include: South America, United States, Asia, Africa, India and Europe.

Pozzie Mazerati talk show

When Pozzie Mazerati isn’t touring, in the booth, on a stage, or in a film. She is hosting her own Talk Show. Having starred in over 5 films, her acting resume is flourishing right along with her music career, but she wasn’t always in front of the camera. Prior to her stage/camera presence she was styling stars you have seen in music videos, on red carpets and in some of your favorite movies. Having worked with people such as Sheryl Lee Ralph (actress), Hell Rell (artist), Somaya Reece (artist), Aimee Garcia (actress), Mary Kate Schellhardt (actress), Colby O’Donis (Singer) and many more. Pozzie Mazerati love for fashion was and still is another platform for her artistic expression.

How many people have dreamed of starring in a film wearing clothes from their own clothing line, while performing the latest song from their album? She has fulfilled that dream and is still reaching for the stars to achieve more.

Pozzie Mazerati's love and contribution to Music, Dance, Fashion and Film makes her a promising future house-hold name.

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