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Big Greg

“I’m Cooling.” If you asked Big Greg how he was doing he’d be the first to tell you he’s cooling, which is a little ironic because this Carolina native is heating up. But the “I’m cooling” mantra perfectly describes his laid back sound. He started playing the drums at a young age in church and eventually Hip Hop became his passion.

Big Greg style

Participating in college freestyle sessions, Big Greg would come up with the best punch lines which created his nickname, The Punch Line Kid (P.L.K.). He incorporates memorable lyrics with a laid back flow and dope hooks.

Big Greg dedication

This artist, a family man, is a proud father of his son who inspires him to strive. His dedication to his craft comes from his life lessons and his ability to create music in a way that makes you feel good and that you can groove to. He uses his music to help him through life situations and the ability to press on. With his talent, drive for success and passion for music, Big Greg is on the rise as the next Hip Hop legend.

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Country United States
City Charlotte
State/Province North Carolina
Performer Type Musical Act

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