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Jared Chodowski

  • 3,002 user views 0 reviews

Jared Chodowski started rapping in 2002. A year later he wrote his first song, found a producer and became a hip hop artist. Wanting more for himself and his music, he started producing in 2006. Jared...


Los Angeles Hip Hop Singer 1

  • 2,852 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Hip Hop Singer was born in the dirty south of New Orleans, one of fourteen brothers and Sisters he was sent from foster home to foster home until he came out west to California at an...


Global Heat

  • 3,068 user views 3 reviews

Imagine fresh Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop music spiced with high-energy break dance and you have the recipe for Global Heat's engaging show. Performing arts Presenters have called Global Heat's show "a riveting ...


Shreveport Hip Hop Singer 1

  • 4,186 user views 0 reviews

This Shreveport Hip Hop Singer is a prolific entertainer and creative songwriter. He possesses excellent showmanship as a performer and as a songwriter he is a genius when it comes to utilizing desc...


Dante Bacote

  • 2,222 user views 0 reviews

Dante Bacote is an up and coming rapper, producer, singer, writer, actor, and model, who is the true definition of original new age Hip Hop. Born in San Diego, CA, but raised in Connecticut he’s one...


Don Dinero

  • 5,406 user views 1 reviews

Born in the rough Washington Heights section of Manhattan, Don Dinero found much inspiration amid New York's thriving hip-hop scene. This artist is the son of Cuban exiles who arrived in the United St...


Los Angeles Hip Hop Singer 2

  • 2,296 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Hip Hop Singer is a self-styled singing and songwriting Hip Hop artist. She emerged onto the Hip Hop scene in 2008, with a single which was promoted by actress and model Lisa Raye. At...


Los Angeles Hip Hop Band 1

  • 1,969 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Hip Hop Band's blend of Rap, Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, and Up beat Techno/ Trance mixed with fluid flow and major essence and swag are together to make a New Era sound. They have a hit sing...


Baltimore Hip Hop Artist 1

  • 5,709 user views 0 reviews

Life has been anything but easy for this Baltimore Hip Hop Artist. His life story is expressed through his music and the first chapter of these events can be heard on his debut album, which was releas...


Pozzie Mazerati

  • 2,652 user views 0 reviews

Who is Pozzie Mazerati? She is a combination of artistic, visual, and cultural expression, made in the 80’s; raised in the 90’s; currently in the making....


Chicago Hip Hop Artist 1

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This Chicago Hip Hop Artist was born and raised on Chicago's South Side by ay of Stateway Gardens on 35th & State St. One of the worst projects in the city. He had a tough upbringing, saw a lot in lif...


San Diego Hip Hop Singer 1

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This San Diego Hip Hop Singer was born in 1988. He is an American Hip-Hop/R&B Artist born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and raised in Michigan. He released his debut EP in 2011 through his independent re...