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Seattle Jazz Guitarist 1

  • 3,066 user views 18 reviews

This Seattle Jazz Guitarist offers solo guitar or combinations of instruments with guitar to enhance your event including duos (with 2nd guitar, flute, or bass), trios, and quartets (with keyboards, d...

Seattle Guitarist 2

  • 1,299 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle Guitarist has taught and performed for people of all ages and backgrounds. His formal training is both extensive and diverse: past teachers include Sonny Sharrock, Jeff Brown, Jamie Willi...

Portland Guitarist 1

  • 2,716 user views 0 reviews

This guitarist has performed for people of all backgrounds. His formal training is both extensive and diverse: his past teachers include Sonny Sharrock, Jeff Brown, Jamie Williams-Grossman, and Chris ...

San Diego Guitarist 1

  • 2,712 user views 4 reviews

This San Diego Guitarist has been performing on the guitar in San Diego, Los Angeles and Palm Springs for over ten years, both at weddings, at private events and at various nightclubs and halls. Some ...


San Diego Guitarist 2

  • 1,905 user views 0 reviews

Solo guitarist specializing in light classical, jazz and popular standards.Add a special touch of class to your special event: corporate and private dinners, cocktail hours, wedding ceremonies, recept...


San Diego Guitarist 3

  • 1,697 user views 0 reviews

In this artist music, classical guitar lovers are presented with a unique combination of classical and world music influences. Solid command of his instrument mixes with a vibrant and refined repertor...


Baltimore Guitarist 1

  • 1,452 user views 0 reviews

Specializing in solo classical guitar, this Baltimore Guitarist's expansive repertoire includes music of Latin America, late Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic periods, creating an atmosphere of elegan...


Indianapolis Guitarist 1

  • 4,739 user views 8 reviews

This guitarist is a natural musician and performer. He settled on the guitar at age eleven, studying under a young and ambitious teacher who pushed him to take his talent seriously. Upon completion of...

Atlanta Guitarist 1

  • 3,429 user views 5 reviews

Even as a young boy, this guitarist knew he wanted to be a professional musician. Today he enjoys a successful career as a concert guitarist, recording artist, composer, and teacher. He began his perf...

Chris Dunn

  • 2,738 user views 4 reviews

A native of Maryland, United States, Chris Dunn received his Bachelors of Music, Masters of Music and Graduate Performance Diploma from Peabody Conservatory. Mr. Dunn was a recipient of the Peabody Me...


Montrose Guitarist 1

  • 1,608 user views 0 reviews

It's all about the sound. The Guitar, not him, but if you must know, this Montrose Guitarist started playing professionally in in the late 70's with some buddies. they did all the dances and played al...


Santa Barbara Guitarist 1

  • 4,157 user views 1 reviews

This Santa Barbara Guitarist has had an extensive music career on the stage and in the recording studio playing Classical, Flamenco, Brazilian, Jazz, Blues, Rock and practically any other style of mus...