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Los Angeles Guitarist 1

This Los Angeles Guitarist is an amazing performer, self-taught while recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle accident in Arizona. He has played in diverse venues, such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt. His music is one-of-a-kind and his audiences often get caught up in his divine passionate performances; they don't just listen, they experience! The self-taught guitar virtuoso's inspiration comes from both man and nature.

Artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Michael Hedges, Jimmy Page and Ravi Shankar contribute to his inter-dimensional style, as does his familiarity of hydro-sonic tones of dolphins and whales from Hawaii.

 Whether this Los Angeles Guitarist is sharing the stage with such top favorites as Chicago, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Sarah McLachlan and Joe Satriani for thousands globally, or performing in smaller venues, his command of diverse musical expressions of blues, folk, fusion and rock, with a taste of flamenco, is hard to beat.

Los Angeles Guitarist performance

When watching this Los Angeles Guitarist perform with his guitar, it is easy to see why so many refer to him as the "Guitar Alchemist". No one elicits such an amazing medley of mystical special effects from a guitar the way he does. 

This artist not only just strums; he plucks, taps, strokes, bangs, pounds, rattles, shakes and even uses a violin bow. He and his instrument are in synchronicity. His guitar is a physical extension of him. Their relationship can take on a tribal flair when he is dancing, prancing, and hopping on stage while simultaneously "playing" his guitar. At times he becomes a whirling dervish with intensity and frenzy. One fan enthused, "He and his music make my soul sing."

When this Los Angeles Guitarist is a blur of motion it is especially difficult to imagine him ever a shy, sickly child or partially paralyzed. It was after a near-fatal motorcycle accident that he discovered the guitar, or it discovered him. In 1987 just split seconds before crashing on an Arizona highway at top speeds, he made a pact with his creator/god. When he awoke from unconsciousness, he saw a guitar at his feet. When he touched it, he says he felt music coursing through him. A sort of spiritual bond was formed between him and the instrument. It became therapeutic. This instant rapport is what guided him to completely counteract doctors pronouncements of losing feeling in his right hand and left leg and never walk or use his right hand again. 

Los Angeles Guitarist passion

That guitar became a way for him to express his devotion to Great Spirit and journey from a sick bed to global stages where his audience often dances and celebrates with him. This Los Angeles Guitarist says his passion is to inspire people and help them heal.

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4 responses to “Los Angeles Guitarist 1”

  1. David says:

    “His Shows are phenomenal, He’s a magician of a musician, especially when you see him live. The long weave of the journey he’s taken me on thru his music have led me into divine and transformative places. Surely beautiful music and talent if you need to stay in your seat, yet I have probably never had a musician share such a sensitive acoustic channel in to a deep and sacred space.” ~David, Olympia WA

  2. An inspired fan says:

    “At times, [his] music is like an ancient dream, long forgotten, that transports us to the cool and misty heavens where we can find that which has been lost to us. At others, it is a passionate and rapturous celebration of life, and of the divine energy of Love that binds all living creatures and is the nature of the Universe itself. When [he] plays his music, he has a profound connection to this Divine Light that so many of us seek and yet find so elusive, and while he is playing we are able to experience that connection ourselves through his music.” – an inspired fan.

  3. New Texas Magazine says:

    “[This artist] throne needs to be prepared in the Guitar Hall of Fame because his delicate harmonics and lightning-fast licks make him the present king of acoustic guitar.” New Texas Magazine

  4. Larry Hendricks says:

    “He’s animated; he’s mesmerizing; and above all, he’s entertaining.” Larry Hendricks, Flare

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