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Seattle German Band 1

This German Band is specializing in authentic German/Austrian music and yodeling. They have been privileged to play for many special events throughout the Pacific Northwest over the past 30+ years. These celebrations have included Weddings, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Club Dances, and of course, their specialty “Oktoberfest”.

Seattle German Band performances

This Seattle German Band typically plays over 30 “Oktoberfest” events each year starting as early as August and sometimes extending into November. Their traditional music includes the Polka, Waltz, Schottische, and Slow Waltz as well as the famous “Chicken Dance”. They also like to mix in everything from “Classic Country” to various “American Pop” hits that allow crowds of all backgrounds to sing along.

Seattle German Band members

This Seattle German Band features the “Button-Box” Accordion as the lead instrument while also mixing in Vocals, Mandolin, and Trumpet. They sing many songs in both German and English and their traditional “Alpine Yodeling” has become a crowd favorite.

This Seattle German Band is led by the accordionist who also plays Trumpet, Sings and Yodel. He was born in Seattle, began performing on stage with his father at age 11. They enjoyed performing together for many years bringing the “old-time” music of Germany and Austria to American audiences.

Kory, who joined this Seattle German Band in 1997, brings much musical versatility to the band playing Accordion, Guitar, and Mandolin. He also adds rich vocal harmony to the group. Kory plays many different styles of music but truly loves the Polka.

The leader's youngest son, joined the band in 2007. He is multi-talented with his ability to play the Drums, Bass Guitar, and Baritone. His enthusiasm has inspired the group to continue expanding their playlist.

The leader's oldest son, has joined this Seattle German Band in 2009 playing the Drums. Like the other other members of the family, he enjoys this style of music and the fun you can have playing as a group.

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