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Alpenfolk is an Austrian style folk duet formed in 1987. One musician plays the traditional steirische Harmonika, or button accordion, while the other contributes the lovely ring of the hammered dulcimer. The son steals the show with fine guitar work, rhythm instruments and vocals. The 4th musician completes the ensemble with the upright bass and smooth harmonies. The combination of these folk instruments, along with traditional vocals and yodeling, gives this ensemble a uniqueness and authenticity rarely enjoyed outside of the alpine regions in which their music originates.

Alpenfolk authenticity

One of the musicians has performed on the button accordion since 1970 and has been heard at festivals, in restaurants and at dances over the past three decades. He performs on a hand-made four-row Austrian "button box" which captivates by its beautiful tone and authentic appearance. He also brings the zither and the alphorn to Alpenfolk's repertoire. The other musician completes the sound with the intriguing Hackbrett, or hammered dulcimer. The blending of sounds from these folk instruments provides an exciting listening experience and is truly representative of Bavarian and Austrian alpine music.

Alpenfolk is versatile and flexible – the right choice for a variety of venues. Whether an intimate gathering or the full-blown folk festival, they have the right set-up, with just the right program for almost any audience.

Alpenfolk venues

A festival favorite, Alpenfolk has been heard from Washington to Utah; from Vancouver, BC to Munich, Germany. The ensemble makes regular appearances for the Austria Club of Washington, the “Bavarian Village” of Leavenworth, as well as numerous festivals throughout the northwest.

Alpenfolk is endorsed by the Austria Club of Washington and Projekt Bayern of Leavenworth, WA. One of a select group of artists chosen by the State Ethnic Heritage Committee for the 1989 Washington Centennial Celebration. Special select performance in the Washington State Capitol Building for the commemoration of the reunification of Germany.

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