Philadelphia German Band 4

  • Philadelphia German Band 4
  • Philadelphia German Band 4
  • Philadelphia German Band 4
  • Philadelphia German Band 4
  • Philadelphia German Band 4
  • Philadelphia German Band 4
  • Philadelphia German Band 4



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Philadelphia German Band 4

The leader of this Philadelphia German Band is known as an institution in German world music from the United States to Germany, Austria and Hungary. 

His numerous awards and plaudits reflect this international flavor. Amongst them are the 1990 Austrian Golden Cross for continuing the Austrian culture in the United Statesand building a bridge between Austrians and Americans, election into the Polka Music Hall of Fame in Chicagoin 1986, and a nomination for a 1989 Grammy Award for one of his albums at RadioCityMusic Hallin New York City.

This album features his own band, which has formed in1945 and celebrates its 65th year anniversary.

Philadelphia German Band members

The members of this Philadelphia German Band consist of his son, Joe on drums and vocals; Chris on bass, guitar and vocals; Frank on guitar and Normanon a variety of wind instruments. 

”Except for a few songs” he says, “I write my own music.” His music-making has produced 24 recordings and “at least 250 songs.”

Philadelphia German Band venues

His band tours nationwide a few times a year as well European and ocean cruises.

Locally this Philadelphia German Band performed at the Viennese Ball in Allentown, Pocono Christmas weekends, The Great Allentown Fair and Bethlehem’s Musicfest.

He played in his first band at the age of 14 with a few local teenagers who played for tips at parties, socials and hotels. But he was already a practiced musician. At the age of four he began teaching himself on a small button accordion. He practiced so much that his parents, Austrian emigrants, complained, “You never stop?”

Indeed, he has never stopped making music. During his army days in the Korean War, he entertained troops playing in a “hillbilly” band.  After his discharge, he reorganized his Philadelphia German Band, playing for the Kruper Brothers Radio Show for ten years.  For seven years he hosted a television program.

“Music has brought to me many wonderful people,” he observes. “We are a big family, all those I have touched with music. Music is a gift…it is the language the whole world understands and appreciates. And polka music,” he emphasizes, “is the happiest music in the world. Period!

It was popularized in Austria the late 19th century and it’s more popular than ever today. 

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