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Evansville Jazz Funk Band 1

This Evansville Jazz Funk Band came together in 2000 as a four piece with the goal of creating great original music. From basements to festival stages, they have dedicated their lives to making the best music they possibly can, and to spreading a positive message through music and lyrics.

Evansville Jazz Funk Band sound

Playing throughout the Midwest, this Evansville Jazz Funk Band has spent the last ten years cultivating a sound which is hard to describe as it encompasses almost all forms of music from electronic to country, but is all rooted in lyrical rock and roll. Songwriting is the key element which separates them from the standard "jamband". A documentation of the songwriting evolution can be experienced on the currently released albums.

In 2009 this Evansville Jazz Funk Band entered the studio again, but as things became more serious and talk of touring began, certain members decided to move on and experience life outside of the band which had taken up so much of the previous decade.

Evansville Jazz Funk Band rebirth

As the re-birthing process moves into a full growth spurt, they are happy to announce a new full line up. They consider themselves one of the luckiest bands on the market due to its dedicated and talented musicians, as well as a strong network of "family" to help push the band to the next level.

Currently the band is preparing to go back to the studio, and is also planning an East Coast tour. The past ten years have been full of love and heartache as the band has evolved into a force which cannot be denied. Check out a show soon, because it is the only way to really experience this Evansville Jazz Funk Band.

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Country United States
City Evansville
State/Province Indiana
Performer Type Musical Act

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