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Baltimore Funk Band 1

This Baltimore Funk Band forges their mix of genres from the funk/dope characteristic (e.g. funk, hip-hop): driving skank reggae moves to frenetic breakbeat/jungle, joined together with a series of quick jazz changes. Simple melodic lines and hooks give way to solos, with space.

Baltimore Funk Band beginnings

This Baltimore Funk Band efforts began when the singer marshaled the forces of an accomplished group of veterans from the DMV music scene. Their goal is nothing less than sonic nirvana - obtained through the melding of diverse musical traditions into a form greater than the sum of its parts.

Baltimore Funk Band members

Atop the groundwork carefully, yet ruthlessly laid down by the drummer and the bassist/sound-man extraordinaire, the singer sings skyward with gospel soul, the guitarist invites listeners into his world with cerebral chord voicings and sound, the turntablist Deejay mashes and scratches (real) vinyl, the saxophonists play searing and soaring sax lines - close your eyes and imagine Cannonball!!! - while the keyboardist and his trusty laptop go from buzzy synth, with attendant envelopes and filters, to your classic hammond B3. The percussionist provides extra drive to the deep rhythms - the icing on an already tasty cake!

The group embraces the style nouveau while never forgetting the trivial inequality: 9 seasoned players, still on their way around the block. This Baltimore Funk Band transcends superlatives; their awesomeness is matched only by their modesty.

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Country United States
City Baltimore
State/Province Maryland

One response to “Baltimore Funk Band 1”

  1. Ed Sheehan says:

    I have hired this band on more than one occasion. Both times, they were more than willing to work within my budget. I think I am most impressed by their diversity. They seem to be masters of many genres. I really enjoy the sax too. They are definitely on their way up so I would recommend booking them now while they are still affordable.

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