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Los Angeles French Singer 1

This Los Angeles French Singer is a native French speaker, an authentic Parisian musician and songwriter now based in Los Angeles. His music draws from the classics of Francophone culture, while incorporating an original sense of rhythym that always inspires his audience to dance. In addition to singing vocals, he is a master of a diverse range of instruments, including piano, vibraphone, flute, tablas, and various other percussions. His repertoire features a unique mix of standards from the likes of Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, and Georges Brassens to name a few, while also showcasing his own contemporary compositions. From romantic ballads from the Belle Epoch, to 60’s era folk tunes, to upbeat modern day love songs, he is a musician of incredible range sure to set the mood.

Los Angeles French Singer studies

This Los Angeles French Singer studied at Santa Monica College, the Dick Grove School of Music and Le Conservatoire de Toulouse en France and has been a working musician for over thirty years. He has performed extensively in Europe and the US as a studio musician, songwriter, and composer and has made frequent appearances on French and Swiss television, as well as worked on four albums with Graeme Alright, a notable rock musician and lyricist of Europe. This Los Angeles French Singer's compositions have included works for the stage, in association with the Phoenix Dance Company, Dance Company West, and the Eleanor Graehm International Dance Company. He has also written scores for several short films, including Mon Village Parmi tant d’autres, Alger Insolite, and The Saga.

Los Angeles French Singer performances

Since his arrival in the US, he has performed with various bands at many venues, clubs, fundraisers and festivals in the L.A. area, including and among others, “At My Place” with Robert Freeman, a keyboardist who worked for Gladys Knight, the Atlas Café with Ludar and Eve of Bye-bye Brazil, and Alice’s restaurant with jazz guitarist James Clark. This Los Angeles French Singer has also performed as a headliner at the Venice Art Walk, as well as at a Gala anniversary Celebration of MGM studios, and the Sepharadic Arts festival at the Skirball Cultural Center, which was aired on television.

As a songwriter, he has recorded several albums with the collaboration of Steve Bartek of Oingo Boingo and Dusan Bogdanovic, and his most recent body of work was released in late 2013. His songs have been performed by Lorie Mack(known for her work with Englebert Humperdink and the Righteous Brothers), and several of his compositions have won honorable mention in the Unisong International Song Contest, placed in the top ten percent of over 4,000 entries. This Los Angeles French Singer is currently working on a new French language album, due to come out later this year.

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Country United States
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