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Dallas Folk Singer 1

Do You Remember When…

…the songs told a story?
…the music delivered a laugh and some fun?
…you could join in and sing along?
…the message was timeless?

This singer does too! Now you can relive those moments!

Dallas Folk Singer history

This Dallas Folk Singer grew up a child of the 60s, immersed in the folk music of the times.  Folk music has played a key role in American history, evoking communal action, carrying the stories from community to community and generation to generation, and providing the soundtrack for the great American awakening in the late 50s and 60s.  This artist blends the traditional, enduring folk songs with up-to-date folk selections from across America, Canada, and around the world.  His fresh approach keeps these traditions alive while delivering a contemporary, fun, upbeat show that is appropriate for all ages.

Dallas Folk Singer tradition

This Dallas Folk Singer’s performances echoes the traditions of the great folk groups such as The Kingston Trio, The Limelighters, and Peter, Paul & Mary.  Reminiscent of Stan Rogers, Jimmy Buffett, and Gordon Lightfoot, Sam combines rich history, compelling stories, and fun music that will have the audience clapping hands and singing along.  He really draws you in and carries you away with these evocative tales of protest, freedom, social equality, and traditional life.

Schedule a performance that will set your imagination to sailing and your toes to tapping, this Dallas Folk Singer will be delighted to create a unique show for almost any theme or taste and will deliver first rate entertainment for your event.

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