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Columbus Folk Group 1

This Columbus Folk Group is a seven-man Sea Shanty Crew based in Columbus Ohio, who perform songs of the sea, lakes and rivers. They may look old, but it is the hard life sailing the raging main, drinking beer and chasing wicked women in every port that does it.

They have known each other for many years and are musicians and vocalist in their own right. Coming together nearly 4 years ago following a request for a one off shanty sing. It was such good fun and with demands for more they continued. They have not looked back since and have performed at many festivals and events.

Columbus Folk Group repertoire

This Columbus Folk Group sings a cappella and create an atmosphere of power and energy, wrapped up in good fun. Their repertoire consists of traditional and contemporary songs in the style of the work songs and songs of leisure time, from the old sailing ships.

There is no limit to their audience as their songs cover a wide appeal. When their audiences are singing at the top of their voice, they know they have done their job. Audiences who have no idea of this type of music are bowled over by the music and what good fun it is. They leave smiling and singing.

Columbus Folk Group availability

To quote an audience member when they followed a Bluegrass band, “We are Bluegrass people, but if we know you are on, we are coming.” This Columbus Folk Group is also available for festival workshops, libraries and schools, where the history of the sailing ships and their music are taught.

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Country United States
City Columbus
State/Province Ohio

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