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New York Flamenco Guitarist 1

As a highly trained professional, with over ten years of performance expertise, this New York Flamenco Guitarist is the perfect choice to enliven your event. Bringing passion for music to every affair, he offers an extended repertoire, including compositions from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Flamenco, Tango, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Ethnic, Folk, Christmas/Holiday and Popular music. Special music requests, to give your occasion a unique feel, are easily accommodated.

New York Flamenco Guitarist degree

This New York Flamenco Guitarist is a native of Long Island, NY and has been playing guitar since the age of twelve. He studied classical guitar under the direction of William Zito and flamenco guitar under the direction of Dennis Koster. He earned his degree in Music from Hofstra University and has performed at many locations and events in New York City and on Long Island.

New York Flamenco Guitarist style

This New York Flamenco Guitarist has developed a core repertoire of his own music for solo flamenco and classical guitar. Based on the traditional flamenco forms, the music ranges in style from the romantic and Latin-influenced forms such as Mantillas de Feria, Guajiras, and Rumbas to the more traditional forms such as Sevillanas and Bulerias, and definitely includes a lot of the festive and lively sounds for which flamenco is best known as well as classical repertoire of the great baroque and classical composers. He is also a talented arranger, often arranging many popular songs for classical guitar.

Most recently this New York Flamenco Guitarist has been working with three flamenco dancers and together they form a group which combines true flamenco elements of dance, guitar, and percussion.

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Country United States
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