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Mario Amaya

Mario Amaya left school after completing the seventh grade. In 1970, when he was fifteen years old, he had already been playing the Flamenco guitar for over a year. Having exhausted the knowledge of his teachers in the Boston area, he convinced his parents to send him to Spain for a year to learn more Flamenco.

Mario Amaya travel

In Morón de la Frontera, Sevilla, Mario Amaya was warmly accepted by legendary Gypsy guitarist Diego del Gastor. Diego helped him obtain the apartment across the hall from the one he shared with the widow of one of his nephews and her three young daughters. Other Flamenco artists of their clan could be heard in other apartments across the courtyard, and the local tavern—a center of Flamenco activity—was just downstairs, on the corner of the block in this cluster of connected buildings.

Diego was a phenomenal artist and he groomed several of his nephews in his unique style of guitar playing, including Paco and Juan del Gastor. It was mainly through listening and watching that Mario Amaya absorbed Flamenco, though he had a few formal lessons, too.

Mario Amaya performances

Since returning home from Spain in 1971, Mario Amaya has lived and performed in many parts of the United States, including Seattle, where he currently resides, teaching and performing.

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Performer Type Musical Act

3 responses to “Mario Amaya”

  1. Client says:

    “…I just wanted to extend a deeply felt Thank You on behalf of all you played for at Geoff and Tina’s wedding. You were perfection personified and gifted all of us with some of the most beautiful music we will ever experience. You are a truly precious treasure and we wish you many blessings and much happiness all of your days.”
    Your friend BabyLee”

  2. Press says:

    “Real flamenco, straight up and stunning.”
    Regina Hackett, The Seattle P.I.

  3. Mario says:

    I wanted to say thank you for teaching me the past many months. Learning flamenco guitar has changed my life. I leave work excited to get home to play. I look forward to practicing Sunday mornings, sipping coffee. I have had to relearn my fingers and hands. I get to impress my girlfriend with my weekly progress. I have a general energy of creativity and musicality that had been missing for many years.
    These shifts have made me feel more inventive and more appreciative of calmness. These little changes have made me feel pride in learning a new skill, and I love to sigh at the beauty of a certain chord. God, Flamenco is beautiful!
    You’re responsible for the joy that I feel. You’re patient and creative, lighthearted and dedicated to Flamenco. You’ve taught me well, and I deeply appreciate the wisdom you’ve passed on to me little by little. And I feel honored to play a guitar that you made. It has made Flamenco sing even more.
    Thank you, Mario. Muchisimas gracias.

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