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San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist 2

This San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist was born in Guatemala City in 1977. He has three recordings featured as Composer, Arranger and Co-Producer. As part of The Russ Hewitt Band, he recorded on the 2009 Grammy Nominated album “Bajo el Sol”, and is currently recording in Dallas, on Russ’s soon to be released second album. He has collaborated with International musicians Ed Calle, Joey Heredia, Dan Warren, Walfredo Reyes Junior, Bob Parr, Sean McCurley, John Beasley, and Homayoun Sahki. One of his compositions took 1st place in The International Jazz Composition Contest of 2004 in Antigua, Guatamala.

San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist studies

This San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist lived in Sevilla, Spain where he studied with Master Flamenco guitarists Miguel Angel Cortés, Niño de Pura, Antonio Carmona, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Manolo SanLúcar, Eduardo Rebollar and Fareed Haque. There, he also studied the flamenco compas and palmas method of Manolo Soler, the legendary Flamenco dancer and percussionist. Living in Barcelona, he studied with maestro Rafael Cañizares. A complete guitarist, he has been involved in a wide variety of projects and bands, in styles ranging from Flamenco, Jazz, Brazilian, Salsa, to Pop and Latin, and has collaborated on more than 50 recordings in Guatemalan and International productions.

San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist performances

In 2009 he was an invited to perform his original compositions at the “3rd Iber-American Guitar Festival” celebrated in Washington, D.C., representing Guatemala. He is the guitarist for The Karina Velasco’s Flamenco Company “Cuatro Caminos Arts & Flamenco” in Los Angeles, Flamenco! Live! Dance Ensemble in Sonoma County, and the Russ Hewitt Band, in Dallas, Texas. This San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist currently lives in Los Angeles and visits the SF Bay Area to teach and perform.

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