Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist 2

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Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist 2

This Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist grew up in a family of musicians and at a very young age developed an avid interest in flamenco guitar music, which has influenced him ever since. Started learning guitar with his father who is a professional guitar teacher. In year 2000 and 2001 he won the first prize as young flamenco guitarist in flamenco guitar festival.

He started performing internationally from 2005. In 2006 this Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist traveled to Spain to study with world known Flamenco Masters Manolo Sanlucar and Gerardo Nunez. In 2010 he received his (LTCL) diploma from Trinity Collage of London as a classical guitar performer.

Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist shows

As a professional guitarist, he has performed over 2000 shows in some of the top 5 and 6 star hotels, various concert halls, ballrooms and events in different parts of the world. This Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist has been collaborating with many different musical projects, dance groups and bands in different genres such as flamenco, fusion, folk, classical and Latin.

On May 2015 he has published his solo album “Mystic”, which you can hear clearly broad range of different music flavor from eastern to jazz influence in his compositions.
This Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist is very passionate about his career and always open to new ideas and sharing his music with the world.

Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist performance

The full sound system setup is included and this Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist performs solo guitar with the accompaniment of percussion, bass and string instruments on backing-tracks making the sound more richer. It is like you had a full band performance for your event.

The broad range of pieces from Spanish Rumbas, Latin songs to pure flamenco tunes, one can be sure to experience something new and attractive.

Considering the level of this Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist's accomplishment, his music as well as pleasing the ears of the audience, is a magnificent sight thanks to the skillful finger of the guitarist.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

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