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Los Angeles Flamenco Dancer 1

This Los Angeles Flamenco Dancer was born in Madrid, Spain of both Spanish and Cuban heritage. She was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Finding her primary mediums of expression in four paths: dance, music, writing and acting. Flamenco dance being one of the deeply moving, story telling dance that it is, it was a natural for her.

Los Angeles Flamenco Dancer performances

This Los Angeles Flamenco Dancer studied in Spain and her performances span from Europe to the U.S. to México and the Caribbean, including performances at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico, The Kodak Theater, Hollywood, at The Los Angeles Theater Center, just to name a few. She has performed in Traditional to Contemporary Flamenco, Opera and Classical Theater. The Mayor of Los Angeles, the Historic Society of Chula Vista, CA and San Clemente, CA, the U.S. Government, the Consul General of Spain, among some, have commissioned her.

Collaborating with artists from around the World, this Los Angeles Flamenco Dancer has worked in all mediums from stage, to film as well as artist performance pieces. Awarded in 2008 with the Durfee Foundation for the Arts Outstanding Artist Award, Los Angeles in Dance, she is a grant recipient for the continued development of the arts. Often described as a Flamenco dancer with not only powerful footwork, but with a uniquely lyrical, fluid body movement that communicates directly with the soul of her audience.

Los Angeles Flamenco Dancer passion

This Los Angeles Flamenco Dancer has dedicated her work and company to one of her greatest passions the desire to contribute through love and art to the continued growth of multicultural unification and understanding.

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One response to “Los Angeles Flamenco Dancer 1”

  1. Yasmin says:

    To see her perform is like a breath of fresh air, an angelic spirit and soul that truly has a passion for dancing. With her craft she finds such a wonderful way to express love, light and freedom. – Yasmin Spain, Actor

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