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Indianapolis Flamenco Guitarist 1

This Indianapolis Flamenco Guitarist is a natural musician and performer. He settled on the guitar at age eleven, studying under a young and ambitious teacher who pushed him to take his talent seriously. Upon completion of an intensive five-year program, this artist was accepted at an Academy of Music in Bulgaria, where he obtained his master's degree in music pedagogy (1995). At that time, he performed in festivals, concerts, and solo recitals.

Indianapolis Flamenco Guitarist studies

In 1995, this Indianapolis Flamenco Guitarist left Bulgaria for the United States to study with the renowned classical guitarist, Ernesto Bitetti, at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where he earned a performer's diploma (1996) a master's degree (1999), and a doctoral degree in guitar performance (2009). In 1999, he won first prize in the Second Annual Competition in the Performance of Music from Spain and Latin America. The competition was followed by recordings and by a series of concerts throughout the United States, in New York, Dallas, Chicago and other cities.

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Country United States
City Indianapolis
State/Province Indiana
Performer Type Musical Act

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