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Composed by world class musicians who have toured extensively around the world with the internationally acclaimed and Grammy Award winner group The Gipsy Kings, GIPSY 4 EVER is much more than a Gipsy Kings tribute band. This new and sparkling «flamenco rumba» formation, which covers all classic Gipsy Kings songs with a fresher approach, is the very sound of the iconic legendary group who sold more than 50 million albums around the world. Some of the members have even contributed with original compositions to the Gipsy Kings historical recorded repertoire; so, this new band is all of that, plus a whole new experience.

GIPSY 4 EVER performances

GIPSY 4 EVER has been performing privately for years (weddings and corporate events), it only went public as recently as 2016's fall, in an European festival context. Then, in May 2017, it was featured as the guest artist with the celebrated Russian Alexandrove Ensemble, doing a very successful 14-dates tour throughout the Czech Republic, filling all major sport arenas of that country.

GIPSY 4 EVER audiences

Besides keeping scheduled its private appearances as usual, GIPSY 4 EVER is now publicly ready for the American audiences, which are so loyal to the Gipsy Kings tradition and the flamenco rumba in general. It brings alive this musical genre in a new an exciting fashion by allowing, along with its powerful gypsy chants, more freedom to the instrumental mastery of its 6 astounding players.

The band musicality is able to catch the eye-&-ear attention of a dancing audience, who can enjoy the full spectrum of a musical style as rich as the flamenco rumba. Welcome, with GIPSY 4 EVER, into the real world of Bamboleo, Volare, Djobi Djoba, groovy guitars, astounding solos, clapping hands and Gypsy fiesta.

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