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Albany Flamenco Guitarist 1

This internationally acclaimed Albany Flamenco Guitarist, from New York, is one of the few touring female flamenco guitarists in the world. Her program offers a range of Spanish inspired music from Traditional flamenco puro to nuevo flamenco.

With a master's degree in Cultural Anthropology, she places the music in its historical and socio-cultural context making her a frequent and popular guest at colleges and universities nationwide. Her programs are both entertaining and educational.

Based in New York's Capital Region, this Albany Flamenco Guitarist performs either solo or with her flamenco-inspired group which has been described as an "elegantly understated global music ensemble".

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Country United States
City Albany
State/Province New York
Performer Type Musical Act

9 responses to “Albany Flamenco Guitarist 1”

  1. Metroland says:

    “A true student of her instrument, [this guitarist] continues to build her repertoire by studying the masters–then takes what she learns and extrapolates, creating blindingly creative original work in the process. The disconcerting thing about what she’s doing? She gets better every time we see her. One day, she’s just going to make our heads explode!”
    Metroland Newsweekly, Albany, N.Y.

  2. First Night says:

    “… She plays with all the flair and fury of the masters, and she has expanded the repertoire with original compositions that explode tradition while pushing the technique into the 21st century.”
    First Night, Albany, N.Y.

  3. Dirty Linen says:

    “… She shows an admirable restraint in her performance style, allowing the melody and emotion to be in the forefront without burying everything in a flurry of notes.”
    Dirty Linen

  4. David says:

    “…a musician with breath-taking technique–and not at the expense of soul. She holds her formidable technical skill in check with her emotional, passionate performances. Each song conveys a small story without one word…Her love of her guitar and music was only surpassed by her obvious love of the audience.”
    David Malachowski – Guitarist

  5. Flamenco Connection says:

    “[This guitarist’s] new album adds some ‘avios’ to the stew in the form of percussion, bass and cello…Once again, nice playing and good taste are the order of the day.”
    Flamenco Connection

  6. Provincetown says:

    “[This guitarist] is one of a growing group of women musicians who are finally becoming known for their guitar playing. Ani DiFranco, Rory Block, Bonnie Raitt, Badi Assad and…Patty Larkin…are among the many women musicians whose guitar playing has caught the ears of afficionados both here and abroad.”
    Provincetown Magazine

  7. Metroland says:

    “I hate to break the news to all of you testosterone-laden guitar-god wannabes out there in Capitaland, but our hometown’s greatest guitarist is female, finger-picks a nylon string guitar and is often seen in the company of flamenco dancers. Sorry guys.”
    Top 10 Local Albums Award – Metroland

  8. Outsight says:

    “…exquisite, traditional composition and world-class playing that combines masterful skill with a love of the instrument and its music.”
    Outsight – Detroit, Michigan

  9. Dirty Linen says:

    “[This guitarist’s] technique is flawless, and she brings novel touches to her arrangements of Spanish classics as well as introducing some gorgeous originals.”
    Dirty Linen

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