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Carmona Flamenco

  • 4,411 user views 0 reviews

This award-winning Carmona Flamenco has made extensive concert, festival, and cabaret appearances throughout Spain and the United States. Often performing with guest artists, they specialize in contem...

Los Angeles Gipsy Kings Tribute Band 1

  • 21,000 user views 6 reviews

This professional Los Angeles Gipsy Kings Tribute Band is an incredible set of musicians that are not only great singers and guitarists but extremely original musicians in the way they perform their m...


Los Angeles Flamenco Band 2

  • 4,978 user views 3 reviews

The small town of Granada, Nicaragua is an unlikely beginning for a virtuoso guitarist the caliber of this artist . But then nothing about this uncommon artist is exactly as it seems. The sound emanat...

San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist 3

  • 2,563 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist is known for his unique brand of pulsating, energetic music, best described as "Acoustic Groove." He studied Flamenco guitar in Spain with a family of Gypsy perfo...


Los Angeles Flamenco Band 4

  • 2,435 user views 0 reviews

"Dare we dub him the Latin Hendrix?!The fastest fingers in the West, a massive talent poised to break out and kiss the sky."~ The Los Angeles Times"His lysergic Latin guitar fluttered like a Bossa Nov...

San Francisco Flamenco Band 5

  • 2,254 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco Flamenco Band is a collaboration of talented and dedicated dancers, singers and guitarists representing the finest that the Bay Area has to offer in professional ethnic entertainmen...

Washington DC Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 2,452 user views 0 reviews

This Flamenco guitarist’s early musical career began at the Peabody Preparatory where he studied Classical guitar, and from there he went on to eventually receive a BFA degree from the University of...


Mario Amaya

  • 4,035 user views 3 reviews

Mario Amaya left school after completing the seventh grade. In 1970, when he was fifteen years old, he had already been playing the Flamenco guitar for over a year. Having exhausted the knowledge of h...

Seattle Flamenco Band 2

  • 2,791 user views 0 reviews

This Flamenco Band specializes in live performances at festivals, restaurants, bars, small concert halls, private houses, cocktail party, dance rooms, shopping malls, fundraising and charity events.Th...

Philadelphia Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 2,441 user views 0 reviews

This guitarist is a multi-instrumentalist who performs on the classical & flamenco guitar, oud, Chinese pipa and highland bagpipes. His study of the guitar started after hearing the music of Joan...


Albany Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 10,723 user views 9 reviews

This internationally acclaimed Albany Flamenco Guitarist, from New York, is one of the few touring female flamenco guitarists in the world. Her program offers a range of Spanish inspired music from Tr...


Indianapolis Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 2,844 user views 0 reviews

This Indianapolis Flamenco Guitarist is a natural musician and performer. He settled on the guitar at age eleven, studying under a young and ambitious teacher who pushed him to take his talent serious...