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New York Fire Performer 1

This New York Fire Performer lives to set your soul aflame. From sultry solo performances to dazzling group shows, she creates elegant, seductive, spellbinding entertainment. She has performed for everyone from Jay-Z to Shpongle and has hypnotized audiences as large as 300,000. From the "fire tiger" act, to fire shows on stilts, to intricate group choreography, her specialty is creating a beautiful spectacle. In cases where fire is not appropriate, she also offers sophisticated LED and blacklight shows.

New York Fire Performer options

Specific solo fire props: poi, fans, hoop, wand, spinwheel, palm torches, fire belt, fire fingers, fire parasol, fire headpiece. Specialty fire items: Fire Tiger w/ fire ears, fire tail, and fire claws. Fire antler headpiece. Spinwheel -- custom unique fire prop. Fire parasol. Fire on stilts.

This New York Fire Performer offers full group shows with choreography. Partner and multi-person fan acts, poi acts, hoop acts, and much more.

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Country United States
City New York City
State/Province New York
Performer Type Musical Act

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