Space Adventure

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Space Adventure

Children’s edutainment show for Whole Family

Space Adventure is a show created by The Holiday for All company, Ukrainian origin from Dnepr city. Holiday for All is an officially registered trademark.

"The Holiday for All" presents his projects to the people from many countries: Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey, Malta, Egypt, Hungary, Spain, China, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Japan, and, of course, Ukraine. "The Holiday for All" unites representatives of different genres and professions: actors, vocalists, choreographers, video and photo professionals, directors for sound, lighting, and many other creative persons.

Space Adventure show

Space Adventure is a Show for Whole Family. A fascinating plot, special lights effects, designer’s props, costumes and interactive games with an audience - all this helps to acquaint the young spectator with the planets of the Solar system.

Space Adventure (duration about 75 min; no interval) is hi-tech show for children created at very popular genre – EDUTAINMENT, i.e. education through entertaining in the format of theatrical video art, so includes video, special effects, lasers, dance, puppets, etc.

For all spectators who came to the play, the show will start from the theater's hall. Beautiful 3D photo-zones will help you feel like an astronaut or an alien in outer space! Together with the astrologer you will visit the planetarium. And aliens play with kids in funny games…

Space Adventure testimonial

“…This theatrical experience except interesting and attractive show brings cognitive information about the planets of the solar system, which on 100% coincides with the program of school… From the first seconds show will capture all the attention of the viewers, who will lose the boundary between reality and illusion. And majestic aliens – Signal and Yellow will introduce to children planets of the solar system. Thus the performance, in addition to the entertainment function, carries with it cognitive information...”

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