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Bulgarian Dancer 1

Extremely talented, this Bulgarian Dancer was born on March 17, 1981 in Burgas, Bulgaria . His interest in dance appears in the tender age of 12 years. Inspired by street breakdancers - a small group of boys , he hardly imagined for the outstanding progress that he will perform a few years later.

Bulgarian Dancer success

Mastering movements Hip-Hop, Electro Boogie and B.Boy over the years, gave this Bulgarian Dancer absolute confidence to start creating his own choreography for various shows . His rich imagination and lateral thinking brought him success after success in this area to reach in 2007 the final, of the top-rated TV show of the season " Dance With Me " , where he achieved the exclusive triumph, winning the grand prize in the first place - red Ferrari.

Bulgarian Dancer performances

From 2006 to 2010 he took part in various TV formats and entertaining show programs in Bulgaria , Russia, Turkey and Egypt. His never-failing enthusiasm and desire for development in dance, won him again the first place in the TV contest in 2013 for best couple dance. Gaining recognition, love and admiration of the Bulgarian people as the best dancer, this Bulgarian Dancer's appearances are now mainly as a guest artist in various TV formats.

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