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Siren Crush

Siren Crush has established themselves as Southern California’s hottest new top 40 act. This energetic 7 -10 piece band is setting a new standard in live event entertainment. Their front lineup consists of the most talented and sought after female vocalists on the west coast. These Lovely young women have an undeniable star quality which is quickly gaining them a fan base all over North America.

Siren Crush stage presence

Siren Crush electrifies their audiences with powerful vocal harmonies, charismatic stage presence, dazzling wardrobe, concert level choreography and crowd pleasing energy. Many have compared their style and harmonies to a modern day Supremes or Destiny’s Child. Backing this dynamic front lineup is an all live, “Concert” style show featuring a dynamic crew of young, ultra-hip, professional musicians already being called “the best musical lineup that Southern California has to offer”.

Siren Crush repertoire

They cover a wide range of musical genres from every decade and has performed for audiences ranging from 100 - 20,000 guests. Being a “true” Top 40 act, they feature a wide variety of music specializing in today’s hottest Radio hits. Hire Siren Crush today.

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Country United States
City San Diego
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

16 responses to “Siren Crush”

  1. Millions says:

    We had a party tonight for the NAMM Board of Directors, this is the NAMM show, all the musical gear, Gibson, Fender and we had [this band] here tonight, they KICKED it! This was an AWESOME party. Everybody was going crazy. So, you need to hire them, tonight, for your party! They are fabulous… – Tom Schmitt, NAMM Chairman

  2. Millions says:

    The show put on by [this band] is one people will remember. I have been booking the talent for this event for about 12 years working with many SD based bands and this was the best of any band we have had. In addition, you were wonderful to work with, leaving me with little to worry about. As we start planning our 2011 event, I will be in touch. – Thanks Again, R. Ford, UCSD Medical Center

  3. Millions says:

    When I chose this band, I knew you would be a terrific hit ! – Stay in touch, K. Frey NAMM

  4. Millions says:

    GREAT feedback on [this band] music! Look forward to working with you again in the future. – Warm regards, A. Butterfield, The Grand Del Mar

  5. Millions says:

    The ladies were beautiful, the music selection was poppin’, the sound was perfectly balanced, the energy was high, and the timing was flawless. Thanks for taking such a huge coordinating load off of my shoulders and being a pleasure to work with. I hope you got a chance to enjoy the event and take everything in! – E. Liu, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

  6. Millions says:

    What a better way to bring in the year then with San Diego’s Best Female group, with their incredible voices! It’s like three Christina Aguilera’s in one group. Can someone please give these girls a record deal !!!! Until that happens I recommend to see them any where you can in town……and say you saw them when! – Paul Parks- Concert Photographer

  7. Millions says:

    Thank you! You all did an awesome job as usual! They were fantastic! – Peek The M.O.E.Annual Awards

  8. Millions says:

    The band was just terrific, we hope that all of you had as much fun as we did. We look forward to having you back next year. Thank you, you all just made our evening! – Annual Police Officer’s Event T Craft [ CVPD]

  9. Millions says:

    It was such a pleasure working with you, hope we have the chance again soon. – S. Mason Sheraton Resort Hotel

  10. Millions says:

    Thank you and [the band] for working with the timelime, the band’s flexibility and professionalism were greatly appreciated. They sound wonderful, and what a great fresh variety of music, something for everyone. Looking forward to our next event! – K. Garuba

  11. Millions says:

    We would like you all to know how much we enjoyed having you this evening. It really made the night into a party. If you are available next year, let’s do it again! Honeywell

  12. Millions says:

    I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful music! I think you guys are fantastic! Thank you again! Best wishes! – R. Valenzu

  13. Millions says:

    Thank you again for the amazing job you and the band did for our wedding. We have been spreading your names all over town! much love, – Heather and Tim

  14. Millions says:

    This group kept the party going to the very end with song after song performed perfectly. Everyone and I mean everyone was on the dance floor that entire night! I don’t think Heather left the dance floor once. Everyone was just having a great time which always makes for the most memorable weddings. – Emily Faulknor Photography

  15. Millions says:

    Hello there. Just a quick note thanking all of you for making my wedding so wonderful, we loved it!!! love, Naveen and Bill

  16. Millions says:

    Dino and I just wanted to say the band totally made our wedding amazing!!! They were so great! We already want to throw another party just to see them again. Thanks again! – Mrs. Tarantino

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