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Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue is an independent recording and touring act. The seven-member ensemble has performed in more than 100 countries on 7 continents, a feat which no other band has accomplished. In 2010 the band scored a Billboard Top-10 Hit as it went to #3 on the Hot Dance Singles Chart.

Liquid Blue and their hit song received a Guinness World Record for "Song Sung in the Most Languages". Their highly acclaimed LP was awarded Pop Album of the Year in 2009 at the Los Angeles Music Awards. Twice the group has finished runner-up for "Best Band" at the International Music Awards (2006-2007) and was also named "America's Best Independent Artist (2004-2005). The nomadic troop has performed over 2000 shows in over 400 cities and has been featured on five magazine covers.

In 2005 they became the first American act to be signed by a major Chinese record label. Liquid Blue was honored to represent the United States at the CCTV kick-off concert for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. In 2010 one of their vocalists became the first American to qualify for the finals in Chinese Idol. To top things off, this band has been certified as a green business.

Liquid Blue dance band

Music To Move You is the band's official slogan and in both their live shows and recordings, Liquid Blue cranks out slammin' dance music. Honored as "America's Best Dance Band" by the National Music Awards, they were also named 2011 "Entertainer of the Year - Ensemble" at the prestigious Spotlight Awards, held annually in Las Vegas. Locally they've been recognized "Best Cover Band" at the San Diego Music Awards. The band covers over 600 songs and a multitude of musical styles. With their recent release hitting #3 on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Chart, they have given new meaning to the term "dance band"!

Liquid Blue members

Liquid Blue features two Grammy winning musicians (bass & sax), a former Elektra Records recording artist (guitar), a Billboard hit songwriter (keys) and a Chinese Idol finalist (vocals)! Fronting the group are the multi-talented female trio. Their singing and extensive all-original choreography has brought attention world-wide. Adding even more color to the band is a former professional Roller Derby Skater with the L.A. T-Birds, a World-Champion Surfer and finally "The Grovler", with his top hat, blue beard and nasty guitar playing. The band has performed sold-out, ticketed shows with audiences up to 65,000 at venues such as The Cow Palace in San Francisco, The Pasadena Civic in Los Angeles and Dalian Stadium in China.

Liquid Blue recordings

One of the songs of Liquid Blue became the band's biggest hit, reaching #3 on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales chart and #12 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart. Their critically acclaimed debut CD, sold over 40,000 units and features an exotic fusion of western rock melodies with ancient & modern eastern elements. Produced by David DeVore, (12 multi-platinum LP's) and mixed by (six-time Grammy winner) Joe Chiccarelli, it has been a top-ten seller at CD Baby and was featured on their bestsellers compilation. Tracks from this LP have been included on 25 compilations. One of Liquid Blue's singles was the #1 Indie Label song in the U.S. in 2005 with over 400 spins per week.

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26 responses to “Liquid Blue”

  1. Millions says:

    I have been associated with Jewel Ball for 13 years and [this band] was in my opinion the best group Las Patronas has had yet. I haven’t seen the dance floor that full all the way to the end and wanting more. The ability to perform songs from the 50’s to what’s popular now was amazing. Thanks for a great night.
    — Brian Campbell, Property Services Manager, La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

  2. Millions says:

    In my 23 years as Designer/Technical Director for La Jolla’s annual Jewel Ball I’ve never been blown away by a band’s performance. Until now. [This band] headlining this August at the 65th anniversary of the ball, was amazingly creative and versatile – they showed commanding intensity and artistry combined with a smooth synchronicity that looked absolutely effortless on stage – engaging the guests with an incredible performance that rocked the dance floor ’til the last note.
    — Jim Roth, MSI Production Services, San Diego, California

  3. Millions says:

    I had heard and read all the great reviews about [this band] being “The Entertainment Act of the Year” and “Best Party Band, Best Cover Band” but truly I cannot say enough as to how amazing they were for our Fundraising Event. Professionally, I handle Sports Celebrity Events all around the Country which entails booking the actual Bands that [this band] covered and I can say with full confidence that [they] performed their songs equally (and in some cases, much better) to the original Artists. They were entertaining, constantly engaging and most of all, got our entire group up and dancing…which has never happened in all the years of this Event. Our Board has already had discussions to just make [this band] our performing act each year for our Event. As one Board Member (who just happened to be the conductor for the San Diego Symphony) mentioned, “When you have the best, why look around? Anyone else would be a huge let down after this year.” Unless you have the budget to book the Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond, Pearl Jam, U2 (and the list goes on and on with their incredible range), why not book THE BEST to perform as them?!! — Linda Mackay, President, Sports Dream
    Special Note: Linda Mackay books national acts for the NFL, the ESPY’s and more.

  4. Millions says:

    … just wanted to drop you a note to thanks you for Saturday night. Everyone had a great time including Sammy. And Sammy himself had this to say: Maybe they can play Tahoe and Roseville? They were good! – Marco Monroy | Chair | Bishops School Auction and Fundraiser
    Note: the band backed rock legend Sammy Hagar for 30 minutes of music and then finished with a 60 minute of the band’s set.

  5. Millions says:

    Sheesh -What on earth can I say about this band that has not been said? Easy to work with? YES! Professional? YES!! Fabulous? YES!!! Possibly the highest energy, best sounding, most fun-freaking-tastic group ever?…YES!!!! This was our 6th annual Partner Conference Awards Night and there was no way it could have been more fun. AND THEN; the band started to play. [This band] poured it’s energy into their music and the music got everyone up and moving! The response from the crowd was something I have never seen from this group of people; most of whom I have known for well over a decade. It was electric! It was alive and if was dance your pants off FUN!!! They seemed to listen to the dancers and play the songs that encouraged them all too just join in a glorious celebration of music, dance and friendship. The vocals were amazing! The musicians were amazing! The songs were brilliantly performed and the choreography was incredible. I am swiftly running out of superlatives to describe the sheer overwhelming delight that permeated our evening. My heartfelt thank you to all the members of the band, the manager, the people who showed to set up – ALL OF YOU helped me to create an event that even I will be sorely pressed to top next year! … By the way, what are you all doing in about year from now? – Laurie Falz | Director of Operations | Lansworth Enterprise Solutions

  6. San Diego Social Diary Magazine says:

    Dancing went non-stop until 1 am with the sounds of [this band]. This is one Jewel Ball that will go down in history as having and keeping everyone on the dance floor! – San Diego Social Diary Magazine

  7. Ying Zhu says:

    Our attendees had a great time! The quality of music and sound system were really good. A lot of people asked me how I found you! [The band] performance was fantastic! This group was very professional, easy to work with, and willing to accommodate our requests. I was very pleased with the quality of music. They kept the dance floor packed the entire night and people kept telling me how great the band was…I highly recommend this band! – Ying Zhu, Biophysics

  8. Sally Shane says:

    Everyone had an awesome time and LOVED the band. Thanks. So much! – Sally Shane | Kiewit

  9. Jessica Erickson says:

    …It was great to meet you all and you really did put on a fabulous performance! You kept the dance floor packed and we’ve heard nothing but great feedback! I hope you all enjoyed yourself. Thanks for helping to make the Holiday Gala a big hit! – Jessica Erickson Event Marketing Manager | TELUS Event and Sponsorship Strategy

  10. Bonafide says:

    “It looks like a music with a message despite its simplicity. But that is a beauty of it.” – Bonafide Studio, 1/5/2006

  11. Alpha Music Group says:

    “Liquid Blue’s hint of world music texture, sparingly used, is brilliant….because it’s never over done.” – Alpha Music Group 9/24/2005

  12. Rocker Freeserver says:

    “A highly recommended release for the Afro Celt Sound System fan in your orbit.” – The Rocker Freeserver, 9/22/2005

  13. Band Radio says:

    “A great deal of talent has converged to create a super strong indie release.” – Band Radio, 9/18/2005

  14. Sound Connections says:

    “Sitars mixed with guitars on cutting edge pop dance songs and meditative ballads.” – Sound Connections, 9/5/2005

  15. AntiMuse says:

    “Kind of a Coors sound with Hinduish overtones.” – AntiMuse, 8/10/2005

  16. Music Press says:

    “The band offers you a little bit of everything; a unique sound which stands out above any other pop band.” – Music Press, 7/22/2005

  17. Music Morsels says:

    “With high doses of musical intrigue, this group has developed a fresh vehicle for their impassioned messages.” – Music Morsels, 7/5/2005

  18. Katie Lee says:

    This group of performers are one of the best bands that I have ever worked with. The energy they bring to the event was breath taking. The band had no trouble making the crowd dance and have a great time. I enjoyed the set list which had a variety of music from different genres of music. All in all they rocked! Thanks Liquid Blue.

    — Katie Lee, Los Angeles CA

  19. Bill Walker says:

    A twentieth anniversary celebration for a remarkable organization supporting people with cancer and their families requires a memorable night with a big fund raising goal. To make it happen, you need a great and unusual setting, remarkable food and drink, wows to the left and to the right…and, a great band. In Chicago, like most big cities we are blessed with some special music groups. However, to create the vibe we wanted, we felt we had to get outside of the familiar circle. We looked far and wide and read review after review. We interviewed managers for several bands. We engaged Liquid Blue! We are so happy we did. The music, if you closed your eyes, was top notch, an excellent range and guaranteed to keep dancers on the floor. If you opened your eyes, the show was as big as anything we planned/achieved that evening. No one stopped moving on stage; costuming was perfect and the engaging personalities brought everyone, even the non-dancers to the circle. Many stayed long into the night even after long, intense programming. We would certainly consider using the band again. It was fun to be their Chicago debut! We also had a great experience working with Scott and Michael once the band was contracted. The band molded itself wonderfully around our “there’s magic…” theme and, in turn, we played off the name and truly made the setting “liquid blue” with some very creative lighting.

    — Bill Walker, Chicago IL

  20. Chris Staller says:

    Hiring Liquid Blue to ‘headline’ our corporate event was the difference between status-quo and ‘over the top’ success. We secured Liquid Blue to play at the Fluxx Nightclub in San Diego California for a fairly specialized conference in which our company is the leading service provider in our particular market segment – as such, our clients look to us to put on ‘the party’ of the conference. By marketing Liquid Blue consistently for 2 months prior we were able to secure a turnout of 50% of all conference attendees – an almost unheard of response rate. Competing with 4 other events the same night – we dominated and word quickly go out the night of the event that Liquid Blue was ‘world class’… Pre-event planning was exceptional with both the band technical, financial and creative members. The Blue Girls, are well, beautiful, talented and non-stop energy the whole time. We eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to ‘headline’ Liquid Blue at another event.
    — Chris Staller, San Diego CA

  21. Millions says:

    Liquid Blue was over the top in terms of professionalism, talent and overall effect. Our event was truly a success as a result of having Liquid Blue perform at our event. We couldn’t be happier with the band.
    — Mitch Schwartz, San Diego CA

  22. Scott Davis says:

    I run an international sales organization for a fortune 400 company and we hired Liquid Blue for our closing worldwide sales event 2 years running. Our employees range in age from 22 to 60 and we had equal attendance from the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. What’s amazing is that Liquid Blue can cover hits that appeal to all ages and cultures. The energy level at the venue was unsurpassed and the “Blue Girls” dancing in the background definitely kicked it up a notch. I would highly recommend them for any party – you won’t be disappointed. We hope to make Liquid Blue a permanent fixture to close out our worldwide sales meeting in the future.

    — Scott Davis, Palm Desert CA

  23. Nanciellen Uniacke says:

    We love Liquid Blue! The only thing better would be if they were called “Liquid Green” for Clinique! All kidding aside, it’s the second time we’ve used the band at our Sales Meeting and the attendees truly enjoy them. They play the right music for the crowd and really know how to get and keep the party going. This year was one of our best Sales Meetings — one that people are still talking about today. We are grateful for the part Liquid Blue played in the overall meeting’s success.

    — Nanciellen Uniacke, Dana Point CA

  24. Edith W says:

    Liquid Blue was Awesome! Our 100+ guest at the Grand Del Mar loved their performance.. in fact I am still receiving phone calls from guests letting me know how much they loved the band. Liquid Blue was professional, easy to work with, fun and amazing talent! We will be using them again. Thank You.

    — Edith W, San Diego, CA

  25. Laura Smith-Thompson says:

    Y’all are just awesome! Thanks for providing some rockin’ music for the party last night! What a blast! You are the PERFECT party band!

    –Laura Smith-Thompson, Pacific Events, San Diego, CA

  26. Vicky Bowman says:

    Liquid Blue’s show was fantastic. Initially, when I booked the group for my corporate event, I was concerned that our space and the audience would be too small given the size of some of the international venues their site shows them at. I found working with the band from start to finish to be very accommodating and they treated our team and our guests to a stadium-sized evening. They were professional, prompt, very easy to work with and best of all – they delivered a world class, high energy show and rocked the house! Many thanks to the entire group – my guests will be talking about your show for the next year! I would most definitely book the group again.

    –Vicky Bowman, Motor Coach Industries, San Diego, CA

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