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Paris Cover Band 1

This Paris Cover Band was formed in 1994 by two french musicians from Northern France. The band was immediately presented with the "Radio France Trophy de la Chanson 1994" and was elected "Talent Revelation" at 1996 MIDEM in Cannes/France. They were invited to represent their country at the 1996 "Festival de la Louisiane" in Lafayette/Louisiana.

Paris Cover Band album

This Paris Cover Band released their first album for Gorgone Productions that very year, distributed in France by "Musidisc", by "Allegro" in the U.S. and by "Archambault" in Canada. Their breathtaking ballad "Bleu dans l'âme" was high on the playlists of 36 radio stations in France as well as RTL, RFM and EUROPE 1. The video-clip of "Bleu dans l'âme"was to be seen 72 times on MCM and AB Channel One.

Paris Cover Band tours

The band was touring permanently from 1997 to 2000 and was invited to support Yves Duteil on his tour of Quebec (Montréal, Granby, Sherbrooke, Québec, 3 Rivières). In 2002 live action continued not only at the Excentric'Café, Parc du Val Joly, Salle Multimédia at Aniche in the North of France, but also at the Entracte in Ajaccio/Corsica. Above all this Paris Cover Band presents a very "acoustic" repertoire with original compositions based on the heritage of French Chanson and Folk Music.

The sounds of guitars, the mandolin or the dobro mix like magic with the accordion, the violin and the electrifying four piece harmonies. Bass and drums create an energetic pop/rock environment in which their songs develop their own very personal touch. The experience of having travelled extensively the roads of our planet before putting their talent into this exceptional band enable the musicians of this Paris Cover Band to tell their authentic tale about life in their very own mature musical style.

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