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Orlando Country Band 1

Take a part of the old west, some riding and roping, with a little bit of Southern hospitality, then mix in some country living and you have the makings for one to be a natural country music entertainer. Wash this all down with a little firewater and you have the leader of this band. A man with a taste for tradition, along with his unique talent, now add the sounds of today’s modern country music and you have this Orlando Country Band.

Orlando Country Band members

The leader is the main performer for this band. He is paired up with some of today’s top musicians in country music. He likes to take their show to next level by breaking off from the conventional, and bringing his show straight to the audience. His Orlando Country Band likes to get off stage and make the audience part of the show. This puts the audience in the spotlight and makes them part of the stage. By doing this he gets his fans involved in his performance and this make a very rewarding and entertaining show for all.

Orlando Country Band style

Their original music is molded after traditional country, mixed with a touch of rock and blues, bringing a new edge to their style of country music. Their songs have catchy rhythms and jingles in them that stay with you for hours. This Orlando Country Band has captivated a variety of different audiences throughout the southeast.

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