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Nashville Country Singer 2

At the young age of five, this Nashville Country Singer embarked on a musical journey that throughout time has granted him countless opportunities to recognize and perfect his talents within. After starting formal piano lessons his natural music abilities were quickly recognized. By age nine, he was a member of the distinguished Classical Guild Society. He continued classical training throughout his teen years.

Nashville Country Singer studies

This Nashville Country Singer attended college at Montreat Anderson on a soccer scholarship where he studied music theory and taught himself other genres of music such as Jazz, Blues, Funk and Alternative. Subsequently, he left college and enlisted in the US Army where he joined the Army Band following a successful piano audition. Graduating with honors, he attended the Armed Forces School of Music. During his tenure in the US Army, he continued to focus on his music. At each place he was stationed, he took complete advantage of every learning occasion.

Nashville Country Singer credits

This Nashville Country Singer continued to study music and seek out mentors. He played music and learned from great musicians such as Dan Haerle, Frank Mantooth, Curtis Fuller, Clyde Kerr, Todd Coolman, Dave Mancini, and Byron Berline. Later, he was assigned to teach piano at the Armed Forces School of Music in Va. Beach, Virginia. He performed with many local and international acts as well as with the Virginia Symphony. He had the distinct opportunity to perform with the three tenors and to perform and record with Count Basie Band leader Douglas Miller. He also performed in two broadway musicals: Aida, and The Producers.

After ten years of honorable service, reaching a status of Staff Sergeant Promotable, he left the US Army. He moved to Nashville, TN to further his music career. This Nashville Country Singer performed with local bands, played as a session artist, and commenced a focused effort on writing. He is currently touring the country with his band and taking his music to the people. When he is not on his own tour he is performing with his band and focused on his solo career. He has also toured extensively playing piano, Hammond B-3 and synth with Olivia Newton-John, Blake Shelton, Pam Tillis, Mark Chesnutt, Byron Berline, Josh Gracin, Steve Holy, Cory Morrow, and guitar legend Johnny Hiland. Additionally, he has recorded with many major and up and coming artists from all genres.

This Nashville Country Singer has five Country albums, “Lucky You”, "May I Live In Your World”, "Livin' Breathin' Havin' Fun”, “Tim’s Dems” and “Life Worth Livin’ to be released on Nov 12, 2016. He also has four Jazz albums, and is working on his fifth jazz album to be released soon. His music is energetic, fun, from the heart and a total reflection of his talent and his passion. Songs are currently available for download. CDs and Flash Drives are also available at many retailers.

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Country United States
City Nashville
State/Province Tennessee
Performer Type Musical Act

2 responses to “Nashville Country Singer 2”

  1. Music News Los Angeles says:

    Since a very young age, [he] has been captivated by music. His love of it shows in his musical performances which, over the years, have ranged from Country to Jazz and all the way back around. On his latest album, he shows his Country side for all the world to hear and see, and for my money, it sounds pretty dang good.

    Kicking off with “Every Song Sounds The Same,” which is one of the most traditional sounding tunes on the album, Tim shows a ton of personality, which helps to sell the song. That wit and wisdom is also very apparent on the hilarious “A Drinking Song,” which is not exactly what you think it is – if you just go by the first verse. It’s very reminiscent of early Brad Paisley or some of Roger Miller’s finest work.

    Other standout cuts on the album include the infectious “Shore Drive,” with its’ contemporary arrangement as well as some brilliant steel work from Mike Daly, “I’d Be Screwed,” which in spite of its’ irreverent sounding title, is a tribute to the significant other in his life, and the thumping beat of “Straight Up.” He gets a helping hand from the very talented Julie Forester (who should be a star herself) and Kristi Manna on “Cool Kind Of Crazy,” and closes out the disc with a track that I think is the highlight – “Shit List,” though for obvious reasons, I don’t see it being a single!

    All in all, a very good album from a gentleman who has paid – and continues to pay his dues. I think it’s all about to pay off, but then again, someone who has played behind Olivia Newton-John hasn’t done too bad, has he?

    Music News Los Angeles

  2. Rick Amburgey says:

    While Nashville is sometimes considered a guitar town, [this artist] nd his keyboard have developed quite a following.

    He’d often be requested to play some of his originals such as “Beer’s Good Food” and “Every Song Sounds The Same.” [He] recently released his “Livin’ Breathin’ Havin Fun” CD that contains those two tracks, along with eight other great songs…

    [He] is an Army veteran and has taught at the military school of music. He’s also toured with Olivia Newton John, Mark Chesnutt and Blake Shelton.

    He does weekly shows at, which allows fans to watch a show from the comfort of their own home. Some of the shows have an admission charge of $5, but he also does many “Pay What You Can” shows. He makes clear that he loves to play his music for people.

    [He] supports a number of charities, including the Wounded Warrior Project, Olivia Newton John’s Wellness Center and any charity that supports children., written by Rick Amburgey

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