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Nashville Country Singer 1

Always the entertainer at home, this Nashville Country Singer's family and friends encouraged him to perform at parties and weddings, which by the time he was fifteen years old, included taverns and biker bars in and around Washburn, Illinois. Further encouraged by the other musicians and singers he performed alongside, he began making an almost annual trek to Nashville to "learn what the music business was all about."

Accompanied by performer and mentor John Hartenbower, this Nashville Country Singer first sang at Nashville's famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge at sixteen years of age. Subsequent trips to Nashville led to performances at dozens of popular singer and songwriter havens, including the Broken Spoke where he met and shared his songs with a famous recording artist who was encouraged by the number of other singers and writers who shook his hand and wanted to hear more. He recorded some original songs and handed cassettes out to anyone who wanted a copy. This provided more welcomed feedback from professionals in Nashville which he not only embraced but absorbed. Theatrical work in high school including student directing, working in his family business, attending Illinois Central College, and live performances with some of the most talented writers, musicians, and singers in the music industry prepared this Nashville Country Singer well to breakout onto the music scene with an impact few "new" artists have known.

Nashville Country Singer album

In August of 2004 he came to Nashville to sing on three demonstration recordings at the invitation of a hit songwriter. This experience in the studio and the interest this Nashville Country Singer received from a major record label prompted him to move his family to Nashville in October of 2004. At one early morning meeting after a late night writer's night he was introduced to a veteran record producer and publisher who immediately appreciated his emotional intensity and "no fear" approach to songs, they began discussing working together to create an album. The result was a group of unique, fun, beautiful, and emotionally expressive songs written by some of the premier songwriters in the industry. He contributed two songs to the album as a songwriter. His debut album was released by Indie label Modern Vinyl Music in November 2005. His self-titled album contained two patriotic tributes to veterans, which was embraced by service men and women worldwide. This led to many opportunities for this Nashville Country Singer to expand his fan-base, which led to a successful radio campaign for the single "She's Got What Gets Me". As a result, he was featured on several nationwide radio programs and has been involved with several fundraising events. During this time, he was humbled by visits to many Veteran Homes and Hospitals and American Legions and V.F.W.'s nationwide.

Nashville Country Singer dedication

This artist was also asked to write a theme by the founder of Operation DVD, which is currently the opening music for their website Most recently, he has spent the last year and a half writing and building his catalog of songs. His next venture is to release his next single "In Memory Of" to radio. Paul Davis and he are co-writers of this song that has been dedicated to the brave men and women who were taken in the line of duty. In 2013 he signed an contract with the Tate Music Group, his album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, plaympe, and stores like Hastings, Barnes & Noble’s, and more in early Sept. In the same month there will be a national release for this Nashville Country Singer next single of the album! Stay Tuned!

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