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Hartford Bluegrass Band 1

This Hartford Bluegrass Band was first a powerhouse duo joining forces a few years ago to explore their mutual love of country standards, served up with an acoustic treatment in the bluegrass vein. The result is a toe-tapping blend of heartfelt vocals, soaring harmonies and red-hot picking, traditional yet modern and distinct.

Americana radio host Ed McKeon says: "Amy's vocals, with the power and tone of her voice, are tempered by Roger's baritone which has been sanded smooth by cigarettes and, shall we say, maturity. The song selections are perfect, the harmonies glorious, the sentiments wonderfully maudlin (like any good old country song)."

Hartford Bluegrass Band members

The two are enhanced by the recent addition of Roger's son, who--in the time-honored tradition of musical consanguinity--complements his father's style perfectly, and by a veteran bassist, formerly with Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys and later with Boston City Limits.

The female singer of this Hartford Bluegrass Band is at home singing various musical styles -- country, folk, bluegrass or western swing--branding each song with moving sincerity. Her influences are diverse, ranging from old and contemporary cowboy tunes learned out West to great country artists like Emmylou Harris, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, and the Everly Brothers. Combined with Roger's transcendent playing and soulful singing, their shows are an upbeat all-acoustic blend of vintage duet and trio harmonies flavored with the energy and instrumental virtuosity for which bluegrass musicians are well known.

Hartford Bluegrass Band bios

Roger, noted for his masterful touch on the resophonic guitar, is a well-traveled performer who has toured throughout the world. In 1999 he was an invited guest musician/instructor at the annual Dobro Festival in the Czech Republic. Roger has an extensive list of bluegrass and folk recording credits including albums with Joe Val, Don Stover, Delia Bell and Bill Grant, Bill Harrell, and many more. He has recorded three instrumental/vocal projects of his own.

The Bassist's bluegrass pedigree is road-tested and solid, having played bass for the estimable Joe Val and the New England Boys for 8 years, during which they toured extensively overseas and in the US, including numerous appearances on Prairie Home Companion on National Public Radio. A recipient of the Boston Bluegrass Union's Heritage award, he has toured and/or recorded with Bill Grant and Delia Bell, Hazel Dickens, Jack Tottle, Jim and Jennie and the Pinetops, Orrin Starr, and Boston City Limits, as well as a previous stint with this Hartford Bluegrass Band back in the 90's.

Roger's son is a full time member of this Hartford Bluegrass Band on mandolin and guitar. He grew up steeped in the family tradition, learning multiple instruments at a very early age thanks to his dad's influence. Today he exhibits a youthful style all his own with jazz and blues influences, and the family on-stage chemistry is magic!

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8 responses to “Hartford Bluegrass Band 1”

  1. Susan says:

    “Three short phrases: Clear true singing, clean sweet playing, great song choices…what more could we ask?”
    ~Susan Forbes Hansen: host/producer NPR’s “Valley Folk” – WFCR, Amherst, MA

  2. Ed says:

    “[Her] voice is a cross between Emmylou Harris & Nanci Griffith: her songs are filled with images of tender emotions and the rugged West.”
    ~Ed McKeon: host “Folkrama” on WWUH Radio, film documentary director/producer, music reviewer

  3. Bill says:

    “To only listen to a recording of [this singer] is not enough; in person she radiates a friendliness that sets her apart from most other performers and enables her to really connect with her audiences.”
    ~the late Bill Domler: CT folk venue entrepeneur, concert promoter – W. Hartford, CT

  4. Graham says:

    “Live in Europe is a super album of well-chosen material, all put over really well, with beautiful crystal clear heartfelt singing plus top class high quality bluegrass music including great Dobro licks…a thoroughly appealing album…”
    ~Graham Hassall, host of Radio Nightingale – Rotherham, England

  5. Hartford Courant says:

    “In times of expensive light shows and over-produced videos…[This singer] has tried to recapture the roots, to return to the simple yet endearing sounds of traditional country music.”
    ~Hartford Courant

  6. Roger says:

    “Sometimes it’s easy to overlook talent right under your nose. Take [this singer], the transplanted Westerner who brings a truth and a yearning to her voice that translates into real country traditionalism.”
    ~Roger Catlin, Hartford Courant

  7. Joe says:

    “[This album] is a wonderful, joyous recording. I couldn’t bear to do it the disservice of trying to listen and work at the same time. I’m going to drive home with it up loud where I can enjoy it with my full auditory attention. It’s the kind of thing that’s fresh & exciting enough to make me want to keep pickin’, and spinning ’em on Saturday mornings!”
    Joe Wills, WBZC FM – New Jersey, Burlington County Bluegrass Show

  8. Howard says:

    “I cannot remember the last time I was this awed with a singer, the supporting cast and the instrumental accompaniment. Absolutely a voice as unique as that of Alison Kraus. [This singer] is distinctive in her styling. Yes, she performs pop, western swing, etc. but in any style her voice is captivating and she can flat lay out a bluegrass number as well as any female voice you have ever heard, bar none!!! …Absolutely impressive!!!”
    Howard Bonner, Wind Gap Festival Emcee and radio host, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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