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El Paso Cello Quartet

The members of this El Paso Cello Quartet met in 2004 while playing in a community orchestra in New Mexico. Out of their sheer love of playing ensemble music, they would get together from time to time, away from the orchestral setting, to play whatever arrangements for four cellos they could find. Not many arrangements were available, so this El Paso Cello Quartet decided to create its own, focusing initially on fun-to-play pieces such as show songs, fiddle tunes, folk music and old standards. From there they moved on to the Beatles, classic old rock tunes, and more recent pop songs. As their playlist expanded, their enthusiasm also grew, and soon they were being asked to play for community and social events, weddings, and ultimately in commercial venues.

El Paso Cello Quartet specialty

This El Paso Cello Quartet is a highly nuanced group that creates a dynamic, multifaceted experience by combining and transitioning with ease between classical arrangements and a wide array of popular music which includes The Beatles, Blondie, The Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen, Jason Mraz, and so much more. One of their specialties is playing for weddings. They can provide traditional wedding music as well as customizing the music to suit individual tastes with arrangements of songs that are meaningful for the bride and groom.

El Paso Cello Quartet repertoire

The repertoire of this El Paso Cello Quartet can fit any occasion from commercial venues to corporate functions and outdoor festivals. They have something for everyone!

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Country United States
City El Paso
State/Province Texas
Performer Type Musical Act

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