Charleston String Ensemble 1

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Charleston String Ensemble 1

This Charleston String Ensemble is an international ensemble of brilliant, energetic, and committed musicians located in Charleston, South Carolina. They specialize in weddings, corporate events and private concerts.

Charleston String Ensemble members

These musicians have performed with professional orchestras and as soloists on well-known stages throughout the world; New Zealand, Japan, Austria, Italy, Germany, Chile, and the United States. Through their experiences, this Charleston String Ensemble has realized the significance of music and how it often transforms the atmosphere. It is during these momentous events, when everything must be absolutely perfect, our experience, passion, and dedication emanate.

Charleston String Ensemble priority

Their priority is your wedding, your special event; their priority is you. They strive to create unique and unforgettable moments for you, your guests and your clients. Being a musician is more than simply creating beautiful sounds. Being a musician of this Charleston String Ensemble is about combining musical and visual harmony that create the atmosphere for extraordinary and unforgettable moments.

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Country United States
City Charleston
State/Province South Carolina
Performer Type Musical Act

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