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Seattle String Trio 1

  • 12,567 user views 15 reviews

This Seattle String Trio was founded in 1994 and is composed of current and former members of the Seattle Symphony, the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra, and the Northwest Sinfonietta. Their reperto...


A Triem Ensemble

  • 2,770 user views 3 reviews

A Triem Ensemble specializes in providing high-quality live music for private and corporate parties, weddings and other special events. Comprised of three stellar musicians, this trio based in Seattle...

Seattle String Quartet 2

  • 2,160 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle String Quartet has been performing in Seattle and surrounding areas since 1990. Having played in hundreds of weddings, corporate, and social events, they bring confidence and expertise to...


Olympia String Quartet 1

  • 3,117 user views 0 reviews

This Olympia String Quartet is dedicated to providing elegant music for all special occasions: weddings, receptions, parties, banquets, dedications, conventions, or any events that would be enhanced b...

Santa Barbara String Quartet 1

  • 2,861 user views 1 reviews

Members of this quartet have achieved decades of experience in a variety of musical genres: sacred music; tango, pop; jazz; symphonic and chamber music.The members of the quartet are top prize winners...

San Francisco String Quartet 2

  • 1,712 user views 0 reviews

Working together with some of the Bay Areas best musicians, they pride themselves in offering the lowest prices for the highest quality service.The musicians are all highly trained professionals, most...

Los Angeles String Quartet 3

  • 3,380 user views 0 reviews

This quartet is a Los Angeles String Quartet comprised of high-qualified musicians that bring atmosphere and sparkle to any special occasion. Their goal is to satisfy your music entertainment requirem...

Clinton String Quartet

  • 4,049 user views 4 reviews

The Clinton String Quartet provides concert-hall-quality music for weddings, receptions and parties, as well as recitals and formal concerts. As one of the foremost New York wedding bands, the quartet...

The Calla Quartet

  • 1,615 user views 0 reviews

The Calla Quartet is equally comfortable when we are the center of attention and when we gracefully provide ambiance. Wedding ceremonies, receptions and parties, including outdoor ones, are only some ...

Detroit String Quartet 1

  • 5,540 user views 7 reviews

Create an elegant atmosphere for your special occasion with live music by this Detroit String Quartet based in Michigan. Since 1988, the group has performed for countless wedding ceremonies, parties, ...


The Amaryllis Chamber Ensemble

  • 2,063 user views 3 reviews

Since its inception in 2000, The Amaryllis Chamber Ensemble has established itself as “one of the more innovative and interesting groups on the music scene” (Thom Roach, concert presenter, The Gor...

Poulenc String Quartet

  • 3,532 user views 5 reviews

Founded in 1994, the Poulenc String Quartet performs chamber music for your special occasion. This Quartet specializes in: Atlanta wedding music including receptions and wedding ceremony music, corpor...