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Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist 1

This Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist is a kindred soul that has traveled the world spreading music to the masses in many different forms and one of those amazing individuals who deserves to be celebrated for his life path and his artistry. He is a self-taught musician, which makes his growth and transitions throughout his life that much more implausible.

He has toured The United states, Canada, South America, The Caribbean, Mexico, The South Pacific, Hawaii and Europe.

Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist credits

This Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist represented Bermuda as a Guest Steel Pan Soloist in the 2003 Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Edinburgh, Scotland to capacity audiences of 1/4 million. BBC TV broadcast the event to a viewing audience of 100 million across the world. He also represented Bermuda at the Bremen National Music Festival 2005 in Bremen, Germany and the Bermuda Music festival 2006. His resume is full of accomplishments such as these, thereby giving his music the same worldly outlook and sound.

This Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist has produced 3 CD's.

Steel pan music is unique in both sound and your own personal perception of each individual song. This Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist's music is easily recognizable, with one exception, what you will hear and how it makes you feel is different for each individual listener. It also depends where you want the music to take you...perhaps that memorable once in a lifetime cruise you took, a special reception, or memories of walking on a pink sandy beach in the Bermuda sun will come to mind. His music is truly a one-way ticket to your own personal paradise featuring lovely relaxing steel pan rhythms that help to make the steel pan as warm as a tropical island breeze.

This Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist has more than made his mark on the entertainment scene both as a steel pan player. He has worked with, and for, the rich and famous both in Bermuda and in many countries abroad, and as a professional musician is both well respected and sought after.

So what is it that makes this Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist and his music so popular, as always, the answer must be subjective, but certainly the fact that he is a quiet artist who lets his music speak for him; that it is beautifully performed, has universal appeal and sits gentle on the mind, are parts of it.

Bermuda Steel Drum Solo Artist clients

Princess * ResidenSea * NCL * Celebrity * Carnival* Oceania* Azamara
RIMS conference San Diego
ASHRM Conference San Diego
ASHRM Conference Chicago
Bermuda Tourism Overseas Marketing Seminars in the US and Canada 1997
Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Bremen Music Festival, Bremen, Germany
Bermuda Music Festival Opening Act

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