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This artist was born in Washington, DC. Known for his distinguishably coy style of performing, he is a rare and well sought after International Recording Artist and Musician.

His musical experience is said to be attributed to his musician father and being brought up in an extremely competitive artistic environment. He is the second son of three; all of whom, graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts (he earned his degree in Professional Music). Surrounded by influential and talented artists, his talent is evoked by Stevie Wonder, Charlie Parker, Donny Hathaway, Lauryn Hill, Tania Maria, and Mart’nalia.

His career gained momentum with a series of successful collaborations and appearances with established artists and dignitaries. He has contributed his talents to that of Roberta Flack and Lauryn Hill; as well as performed for former President Bill Clinton’s Inauguration and a memorable, exclusive performance for Senator Ted Kennedy at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. He also received rave reviews for his special performance for US Ambassador, Michele Sisom. This artist describes his music as a “peaceful marriage of soul and steel.”

He is currently working on his sophomore album due to release on March 8, 2011. This album promises to administer an increased dose of his mesmerizing tunes, guaranteed to bring a priceless peace of mind. He also hints at a special New Orleans surprise for his listeners. We could also find collaboration with the world popular, Alo Brasil on this upcoming, multi-genre album. This musician has placed himself well into the future ranks of his musical influences and his international fan base would agree that it is time for his rhythmic, comfort music to do a little migrating.

Artists such as Questlove, have gone on record by way of popular Blog sites, labeling his music parallel to one of his musical favs (Soul Samba Song). Questlove also promises his music to be “great music ahead in your future.”

This multi-talented artist has paved the way for many to follow in his “drum-beats” thanks to his rich heritage and he doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon before he has given the world a taste of his eclectic, sophisticated creations. When asked how he feels his music will impact the world around us, this humble, yet extremely confident artist, answers without hesitation, “I think of my music as a healer, a weapon, a legal drug…it doesn’t get any better than that…than me.”

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Country United States
City Baltimore
State/Province Maryland
Performer Type Musical Act

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