Miami Burlesque Dancer 1

  • Miami Burlesque Dancer 1
  • Miami Burlesque Dancer 1
  • Miami Burlesque Dancer 1



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Miami Burlesque Dancer 1

This Miami Burlesque Dancer has been performing and working as a professional dancer for over 12 years. She trained at Ballet Classique, The Royal Opera House and Pineapple Dance Studios in London, UK. She has a beautiful silhouette, long legs, 5’8” tall and looks amazing in those types of outfits. She has also work as a model for over 12 years and won the Top Model of the World competition in 2005 and also participated in Miss Venezuela Beauty pageant as Miss Peninsula Goajira 2005.

Miami Burlesque Dancer professionalism

This Miami Burlesque Dancer is a very energetic dancer who devotes herself to the spirit and arty mood of dancing. Picks up choreography really quickly and knows how to give a good freestyle. Even if there are obstacles with costumes, lighting, stage or anything that may arise in a live performance she continues with the slogan of dancing, ‘The show must go on’, without giving any complains or bad temper.

She enjoys working with other dancers and it’s very cooperative. She has even put up some choreography when she has been asked, like the Acer Viral.

Miami Burlesque Dancer attitude

A really good thing about her besides her talent as a great dancer is that is easy to work with her. Always brings a good attitude towards things. No matter what the schedule is, the costumes, make up or whatever involved in the show this Miami Burlesque Dancer will give you a great performance for your audience to enjoy.

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Country United States
City Miami
State/Province Florida

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