Marco Campos

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Marco Campos

Marco Campos is a Brazilian acoustic guitarist and composer. Over the years, he has been very active at Brazilian and international music scene, acting as a soloist, sideman or writing music for ballet, movies and theater.

His music, beautiful and unique, blends Brazilian’s folk music elements with Jazz and Classical. His CD “SOLO” (2006, label: “Guitarra Brasileira”) shows up thirteen of his own compositions, in which he plays 10 strings and 6 strings acoustic guitars.

Marco Campos performances

In the International panorama, Marco Campos has already performed in the USA (Miami and Orlando), Peru (Lima), Switzerland (Montreux Jazz Festival), Cape Vert (Salt Island and San Vicente Festivals), France (Paris), Germany (Baldham), United Kingdom (England and Wales) and Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou).

Marco Campos composed the music for the ballet “Waterdrops”, staged in London (2005). He also gave solo concerts at the II and III editions of the “Bienal Internacional da Música” (2002 and 2004), at the II International Pan Amazonian Forum (2003) and at the World Social Forum (2009), events that took place in the city of Belém, the main city of the Amazonian region.

Marco Campos TV

In September/2009, Marco Campos recorded two special programs for Brazilian TV, both displayed in special programming year-end 2009. The new CD “Flor da Alma” (2012) was recorded in Paris and Rio de Janeiro, in duo with percussionist Dada Viana.

In May / 2013 he took his music on tour in England, accompanied by English musicians Emily Burridge (cello) and Felix Gibbons (percussion). In June / 2014, returned to the UK for a new tour (15 concerts), in several festivals in England and Wales, as, for instance, Bath Fringe Festival and Aldenburgh Festival.

In June / 2015, Marco Campos made a new UK tour – the third consecutive year – with concerts in England (including South Park – London) and Wales. In April / May 2016, back in Europe, he performed in Paris concerts alongside percussionist Felix Gibbons.

In 2017, Marco Campos wrote the music score for the feature film "AIKEWARA", directed by Luiz Arnaldo and Célia Maracajá, a documentary about that indigenous Brazilian tribe. Marco also wrote the music score for theTV series "PALMARES", about the subject of slavery in Brazil. In December 2017 he held several concerts in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (Africa), as guest artist of the Festival "Un Village Dans Une Ville".

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